Authentic Distance Healing

Unknown Artist

"Everything is connected and any action by 
the singular affects the plural. "

Even though we are all having our own separate and defined journey, we are still connected to one another and to our environments. Our  environments meaning the physical and nonphysical in, thru and around us.

When we do anything, it affects all around us.  There is no escaping or changing that reality.  Our connectivity and the transference of our energy can be experienced at very simple levels such as our intuition.  

When the phone rings, we sometimes know who it is.  That can be because the energy signature of that person is being translated and delivered with the call itself, and we actually decode and receive that knowledge at light speed.  

Another example is when we are in a room full of people and all of a sudden we 'feel' someone looking at us.  The energy of the person looking at and focusing on us has actually landed around us.  Again we decode, at light speed, that an energy is around us and turn to look at the source of it.

We can be with a person who is feeling bad or sad.  We may have arrived feeling good, but after some time we are also feeling the same way as the person feeling bad or sad.  The energy of the unhappy person was accepted into the Quantum Field (QF) of the happy person.  The happy person is now holding and feeling that unhappy energy.

These are all instances of energy traveling from one person to another thru our unseen, nonphysical connectivity.

am able to access and work with you and your QF no matter where you are located thru remote viewing and other methods (more information on these methods via Spirit Remediation Techniques).  It will be as if I am there with you in the physical.  And basically I am there, yet in the nonphysical form.

As we evolve at an accelerated rate and deactivate That and Those that no longer serve us, we expose new levels of BEing-ness with different characteristics. 
The Kybalion, an exceptional writing of ancient wisdom, states:

'The molecules of which the particular kinds of Matter are composed are in a state of constant vibration and movement around each other and against each other.'

'...which is the principle of attraction by which every particle or mass of Matter is bound to every other particle or mass.

'Matter at a higher degree of vibration and is called by them "The Ethereal Substance."  The Hermetists teach that this 'Ethereal Substance is of extreme tenuity and elasticity, and pervades universal space, serving as a medium of transmission of waves of vibratory energy...'

'Connectivity is the underlying principle of Quantum Mechanics. This is best understood by using the analogy of a closed circle or that of the ripple effect in a pond. When a stone or pebble is dropped in the pond it creates a ripple which can be felt throughout the pond. Thus al things suspended in the water are connected through the water and so these things experience something of all that affects the water. The same can be said of the closed circle. If one imagines that there is a rope that describes a closed circle then all tension that is applied anywhere on the rope is transmitted throughout the rope so that the entire rope has the same experience.'
From: The Healing Attribute

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love