Chakra Removal

Removing The Chakras Is A Good Thing
Speeding Up Your Evolution And Connection To A Feel-Good Place


Chakra System - A Game Piece

In our original form, we have a far superior energy system than the chakras.  
It is the energy system of our Authentic Self which WE are.

I was checking my chakras around 6 years ago and discovered that some of them were not there and others were in the process of deteriorating. This was not shocking or troubling to me at all. It seemed like a natural progression, and I'll explain why.

We come here to play in this body and on this planet. To do that we enter into many layers of density, accumulate lots of energetic debris and separate further from our Authentic Self - our true essence. Being fully immersed and mobile here requires myriad mechanisms and the chakra system seemed to be one of them.

It made perfect sense to me that as I became weary of the roller coaster ride on planet earth and took steps to leave it, I would naturally progress back to my original state of being Authentic Self (AS) and shed all the accoutrement associated with being in duality consciousness including the chakra system.

In the state of being perfectly aligned with AS, I need no other energy system to exist. I am powered by and have everything needed when in that pure state. So as I evolve and become more aligned with my AS, one step at a time, my AS energy system slowly but surely integrates with me and makes the chakras obsolete.

A Surprising Discovery

Shortly after noticing my chakras were on their way out, I stumbled across information saying the chakra system was an overlay or insertion used to control us. That information resonated to the core of my Being, and I proceeded to do more research on the topic. And more importantly, I began Self enquiry as to validity of it for me.

The truth of the chakra system being a control device became apparent quite quickly, and I proceeded to take steps to remove my system. As I removed it, I took notes of the procedure and resistances that are attached to and invested in keeping the system in place. 

Why Remove The Chakras?

The main purpose to remove the chakras is because of the reasons listed above. They are not required and are used to deplete us.

There is always, always something going on in the chakras.  They either are not spinning correctly, damaged, need balancing, not in correct place, filled with gunk etc.  And the last one - filled with gunk - is a major league reason why to delete them.  

They are used as storage containers and accumulators of debris that we either created or has been created for us.

When the chakras are present, they create a magnificent hindrance to our evolution in terms of creating a morass of confusion and matrices that serve as blockages and barriers to our own 'stuff' finding its way for process and integration. The chakras keep everything moving at a slow crawl.  In my experience our evolution proceeds at a much faster pace after their removal.

We are here to participate in a grand, convoluted puzzle and once we begin putting the pieces in place, the bigger picture becomes clearer and clearer.  We begin to awaken, notice and discern greater and greater levels of disinformation and corrupted guidance.

Deciphering the next destructive system to disengage from becomes more obvious as our senses become more in tune and aligned with our Authentic Self.  And it is all about disengaging from That and Those that no longer serve our lifestyle that leads to our natural progression toward sovereignty.

Chakra Removal Protocol

The Chakra Removal Protocol is a pre-designed clearing package with distinct guidelines.  That means that exact indicators (a checklist) will be checked and cleared in relation to the chakra removal.

The chakra removal process is not just about the chakras.  In my experience, the chakra system is a significant structure and requires more care than performing a simple removal.  The kundalini system is also an overlay and the removal of it is included in the chakra removal. Much more is involved to accomplish a thorough cleaning and stabilization of the Quantum Field before, during and after the removal.

Not A Cure All

Very important to understand.  This is another step in our evolution, not the end all.  It is certainly a big step tho and generally provides much relief It has been my experience and the reports of others that once the chakras have been removed, there is a clearer avenue for our own unhealed aspects, etc, to make their way to the surface.   

2 - 4 Hour Process

As always, the length of the process depends on the receptivity and resistance that is in your Quantum Field.  Everybody's accumulated experiences are different.  

For instance, one Client was so embedded in his present-life family timeline that much effort had to be made to extract him from that before we could continue with the Chakra Removal process.  His family timeline was prohibiting the removal. 
Another Client had a very stubborn false Kundalini overlay plus the authentic Kundalini system and neither were budging. 

How Do I Know If I Am Ready For This?

If you are not 100% committed, then this may not be for you.  During initial chats with several lovely people, we determined that the Removal was just not right for them at that time.  We did, however, schedule other work that was appropriate.

Am I Lagging Behind In My Evolution If I Don't Do This?

No. Our evolution is happening within our own self-created universe. It is an individual and a highly personalized sequence of movements. Every one of us is living in our own universe with our own timeline and distinct progression points.  There is no one-size-fits-all system to get us 'there', whatever 'there' means.  You are perfectly perfect just as you are in this very moment - not less than or greater than anyone else.  There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to walk.  We are all in this beautiful muckity muck together, and it would be beneficial for us to recognize and respect the beauty of everyone around us.

What Do I Do During The Chakra Removal?

When we meet we will talk about your responsibilities during the session. You will be sent a PPA Guide (Preparation, Participation and Aftercare) after we have scheduled our appointment and the fee has been paid.  The PPA Guide is a pdf and sent thru email.

I Don't Live Where You Live.  How Do We Work Together?

One way is thru Skype using audio/video or just audio depending on your computer capabilities  I have full audio/video capabilities.  We can also meet for consultations and work via Phone.  I have unlimited minutes to the US mainland and Hawaiian Islands and can call you if you live in these areas.  If you live outside these areas then google phone or Skype is necessary.

If you are accelerating down the path toward sovereignty and profound alignment 
with Authentic Self, then chakra removal may be of interest to you.

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YouTube Video On Chakra Removal

NOTE: The Complimentary Consult mentioned in this video is no longer available.