What Is Soul Remediation & Wellness?


It all boils down to soul. I am a soul and you are a soul encased in a human body in the seen, physical realm. In the unseen, nonphysical realm there are also souls, not encased in human bodies, and other forms of energetic material.

As all of us, physical and nonphysical Beings, play this 3rd dimensional, duality game, we accumulate blockages that inhibit our connection with who we really are, our Souls/Source consciousness, our True/Authentic Self.

Soul Remediation can simply be described as the resolution/expulsion and/or realignment of energies/entities/inner conflict that block our integration and communication with our 
True/Authentic Self/Soul.  

Soul Remediation work also improves the flow of universal life force energy in, through and around our personal physical body and Quantum Fields creating greater potential for physical, spiritual and emotional wellness and freedom. 

These are simplistic, general terms to describe the heart of the matter. Going about disengaging from impediments and the healing of Self is a bit more complicated which is part of the bounteous adventures here.

This is not a boring place for sure!

The Quantum Field

Our Souls have created a framework/structure (Quantum Field) to house and provide energy to our physical body and in which we literally walk through life. This framework is in, through and around the physical body and on every level of our Being: ethereal, emotional, physical, mental and any other aspect of us that you can imagine.

That framework and all levels of our Being are affected by unseen duality Beings, distorted energy packets, our own stuff and copious other variations on this theme.  When we go about the process of remediating those impedimenta, no matter where they reside or their origins, the results of that work affects every part of us. 

The Unseen World Around Us

The unseen world around us is copious and rich with living consciousness and energy mass that have a profound affect on every level of our BEing. Since we only see a limited 1% of the visible light spectrum, the physical world around us, with our physical eyes (The Unseen World And Cognitive Dissonance), we can only imagine what is in the other 99% that we are unable to see. That is a lot of territory for other worlds and Beings to exist, roam, interfere in and become part of our personal unseen Quantum Fields.

Everything Interrelates And Corresponds

When something is subtracted, something is added.  When densities/impediments are subtracted, room then exists for further alignment and communication with our true essence, our True/Authentic Self/Soul. That is the pinnacle of achievement and the name of the final game. The more access to our Soul, the freer we become and more wellness is enjoyed. We enter into the zone of Love's Grace. This is the platform from which greater beneficial creating can be experienced.

You are a Sovereign BEing
and powerful Creator!

In Love With You,
Aniel Lia Love
All Rights Reserved