Hypnotherapy - Healing Emotions/Fragmentation, Assisting The Physical and Spirit Releasement

Most of what supports and provides the foundation of our feeling/emotions/behavior lies beneath our obvious consciousness and conscious life and is located in the subconscious part of us...our soul.

Our conscious life is reflected in the top of iceberg that is above and visible on the surface of the water. Our subconscious life is the part that lies below the water and invisible on the surface.

The iceberg is a wonderful example of how the unseen part (subconscious) supports the seen part (conscious) of us.  We can see only a small portion of the iceberg just as we can only see a small portion of the totality of our life and its makeup.

The conscious life and all that is expressed there is just a symptom of the significant and complex storage unit of the subconscious...and it is vast. It is perfectly clear with the iceberg example that our subconscious represents a much higher percentage of our makeup than our conscious.

Our conscious minds, and therefore our life's actions, are run by whatever is in the subconscious so whatever is true for the subconscious is brought to life through the conscious mind.

Our subconscious and what is in it affects every part of our being - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. And just like the ice, all that is creating dysfunction in our life is locked in and frozen in the subconscious until we can track it down and unlock it. So as we expose and heal the influences in the subconscious every level of our Being is impacted in a positive way.

Hypnotherapy Is A Good Thing

We use hypnotherapy to locate detrimental emotional/feeling patterns and their origins. We are able to access deep levels of our subconscious and uncover all that is wounded and not feeling good.  Everything that does not feel good, no matter its origins, creates inner conflict. Using hypnosis we can construct a bridge from inner conflict to conflict resolution to achieving life's goals, perfect a greater and deeper connection to a rich and joyful life and connect more fully with our authentic essence. 

Inner Conflict Caused by Soul Wounding  ->  Conflict Resolution  ->  
Rich & Joyful Life  -> Achieving Goals  ->  Authentic Essence

Physical Health, Emotional Pain And Life Force Energy

Life Force Energy (LFE) is the mysterious power that keeps our bodies animated and healthy and is absolutely necessary for us to exist on this earth plane.  It is an energy flow considered to be clean, vital and life enhancing. Throughout the course of living life, LFE can become blocked from entering our body and organ systems thus robbing them of the energy to remain dynamic and functioning.

Blockages that inhibit LFE are mainly energy patterns that are distorted and not life-enhancing at all. These distortions can occur from adverse or traumatic experiences, genetic carryovers, soul fragmentation, thought forms, other unresolved inner conflict, intrusive entities, past/parallel lives, events and circumstances that were and continue to be less than positive. These blocks manifest as barriers to the natural rhythm of life force energy in, thru and around the body, organs etc.  

Many of these blocks are static, detrimental, life-sucking emotional and feelings patterns. And not only do they create blockages to our precious LFE, heightened emotions and an unbalanced emotional life greatly contribute to the stress and acid levels in our body. The increased acid levels along with blocked life force energy deteriorates the body.  It is a double-edged sword.

The longer these energy blocks remain, the worse the problem can become.  It is critically important to get to the root causes and the emotional patterns/feelings/behaviors associated with them so that we may unblock the energies that keep us physically and emotionally clogged and destroy our ability to function.  Hypnotherapy is a substantial tool to get to those patterns and blocks in the subconscious.

Negative Forcing Functions

Heather Howell Art
Not only do we experience blockages and non-beneficial emotions/feelings from life, we also accumulate negative programming from many different sources that may or may not accompany emotions/feelings.  This programming, whether it results from negative emotions/feelings or elsewhere, installs generators on the 'hard drive' in our subconsciousness minds called Negative Forcing Functions (NFF).

The NFF and the programming that comes with it constantly reinforces negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and behaviors that result in a less than optimal lifestyle in mind, body and spirit.

To transcend this non-beneficial lifestyle using hypnotherapy, the sources of NFF and programming must first be removed from the 'hard drive'.  After the sources and the NFF are removed, positive concepts, new and healthier perceptions and other information are introduced into the subconscious mind to assist in effecting a more joyful life.

It is useless to attempt to install new, positive programming and thinking over existing negative programming and a complete waste of time, energy and money. The negative must first be removed,  In this way change really happens and has a more permanent effect. 

Trying to install positive over negative without first doing what we can to get rid of particular NFF influences is like cutting a weed off with a lawn mower instead of pulling it out by the root.  If the weed is cut down to ground level, it is all nice and pretty for a bit and all seems well, but eventually the weed grows back and becomes ugly again. This is one reason why some people do positive affirmations until they're blue in the face and get no results. The already-existing and still-functioning negative programming overrides the positive affirmations.

Resistance Of Entities And The Conscious Mind
Entities and the conscious mind can prohibit access to the subconscious and NFF.

If there are any entity attachments, these generally must be removed first if they are active and interfering. Entities, Earthbounds and other energies may be attracted to a pre-existing condition. If there is an opening, they will attach and intensify the condition. Physical, emotional or mental issues lower the energetic immune system and allow for entity intrusion. In some cases, the removal of entities bring immediate and substantial change because they could be the singular cause of a problem.  When they are removed they take their problems with them.

With so many thoughts (most of them not ours) blasting our conscious mind 24/7, the conscious mind and thought congestion can get in the way of subconscious information.  So the conscious mind, especially while in therapy, can be very active.  Trying to keep up with what is going on in therapy and figuring it out along the way is a ginormous interference. Utilizing hypnotherapy actually relaxes the conscious mind or shoves it out of the way therefore providing clearer access to the subconscious and the roots of our problem.

Guided Meditation

Hypnosis is just one avenue of healing and works well for going deeper into the subconscious however some people are uncomfortable with hypnosis, and there is nothing wrong with that.  For those instances we do a very brief guided meditation at the beginning of the work session and then start the work of Soul Response, same as in a hypnotherapy session.

And on the other side of the coin, there are others who are able to access their subconscious without hypnotherapy or a brief guided meditation.  We begin conversation on the problems and the flow starts from there.  In all cases tho, we do end the session with introducing life-enhancing perceptual changes to the subconscious.

It Is ALL About Feeling Good.
When we feel good, life flows.

Allowing And Emerging

For any energy medicine to work and heal, we have to be in a space of allowing ourselves to go to places that are temporarily uncomfortable.

There is a saying that goes - it gets worse before it gets better - and it usually does. When we begin to uncover what doesn't feel good, well it doesn't feel good and sometimes we are exposed to deeply painful stuff as it works its way up and out.

The good news is that when a particular pain field is neutralized, the particular pain/emotions/feelings from a specific event will forever be gone and our True Self begins to emerge.  We become more whole and complete and able to navigate life with more grace. 

But we have to allow it, so that we may emerge.

This energy movement modality gets to the source of the problem.  Western medicine is mostly allopathic in that symptoms are treated with medicine, so that the symptoms are suppressed.  This can be helpful in some cases, but eliminating the original cause of the symptom is optimal.

Thoughts and Symptoms of pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, panic, addiction, worthlessness and hopelessness etc. are just that - symptoms and not the cause.  Remove the NFF, causative emotions/feelings/entities, reprogram the subconscious and perception and those symptoms may go away for a particular negative grouping.  Life gets better.

Hypnotherapy Certifications

 The National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH)  
 International Association Of Counselors And Therapists (IACT)

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In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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