Dark Night Of The Soul

 5 Simple Understandings 

Much has been written and will be written about Dark Night Of The Soul. There are many interpretations and usually the one that rings true for you will make itself known rather quickly. I have also read much on the topic and came to understand, after living a few years on this earth, that there are five basic characteristics of a Dark Night. These are short and sweet perceptions and much more could definitely be written about each one.

1.  Alignment With Authentic Self

Dark Night of the soul is the process of aligning/integrating with Who We Really Are. Who We Really Are is our true essence, our Authentic Self. It is the part of us that is Creator also, the thing that is in us and that we are also wholly in.  

Dark Night is our own, personal evolutionary curve of untangling and detaching from that which is unlike Authentic Self. The more we evacuate what is not our Authentic Self, the more space is provided for its presence. We become more aligned with our true nature, our true direction and a better quality of life. Stripping down what is unlike Who We Really Are has always been in motion, yet at much greater speed nowadays.

2.  Decompression

Our detrimental emotions are energy packets, take up energetic space and put a choke hold on quality of life in many different ways. Now imagine that everyone on the planet has their own load of detrimental emotions and other non-beneficial energy packets. That is a mega-load of negative energy that we are all wallowing in (picture a can of sardines) and why we can feel bound up, blocked, stuck and just not able to move thru life like we know we can.

When negative energy is exceptionally dense and packed together, there is not much room to move around and we bump up against each others' negativity. When one person is in their Dark Night and heals just one negative thing, more expansive, fluid space is not only created for that person but for everyone. It is like taking one sardine out of that crowded sardine can. There is a decompression and more room in the can. So the more everyone gets onboard the healing train, the greater the collective evolutionary pace and the freer we all become. 

3.  Crisis In Consciousness

Dark night of the soul can be described as a crisis in consciousness, literally. It is the conscious experience of that which was once in the subconscious and/or stored in the physical body and has bubbled up for recognition. And that bubbling is usually not feel-good stuff and can create a cornucopia of crisis in our conscious life. These migratory packets of pain/fear will be screaming for attention:

Hey! Over here! 
I don't feel good.  Will you help me out?

We have to deal with it or remain stagnant. Our subconscious/physical body is the storehouse of all memories, thoughts, collective subconscious etc. Lots of stuff is in there. Anything that we have ever experienced lies in that great vault, and it drives our every waking moment. We just think we are in charge and that our conscious mind is directing the show. The conscious mind only receives direction and information from whatever has the greatest and most fluid access in any given moment. 

It is either our Authentic Self or the subconscious at the wheel.
The dark nights help us clean out the subconscious 
so we are more in flow with our Authentic Self.
4.  Exquisitely Excruciating

Going thru a dark night really, really gets our attention. Never a pleasant experience and usually brings us to our knees. If you haven't been brought to your knees yet, then the first dark night, in this lifetime, is still lurking and waiting for a signal from you that it is okay to show itself, that you are ready to handle the contents of the broken egg.

Manifestations of a dark night can include myriad emotional and physical symptoms to numerous too list here. Simply put - if it doesn't feel good on any level, the dark night is upon you. Well damn, you say, most everybody doesn't feel great or is going thru some crap at the moment. Are all of us in a dark night?


5.  Not Just One Night 

Dark nights may go on for one day or years. Do not fall into the trap of believing that it is a one-time event and then bam! you're done. Some teachings may describe it as an extreme mystical experience that will set you free for all eternity and, again, that may be wishful thinking.

It is all about bringing non-beneficial emotions/memories/programs to the surface for recognition, love, cleaning and integration. Now there could be mystical adventure as we work thru the dark night, and usually is, but it is mostly about working out the mystical and subconscious in the conscious, 3-D physical life.

And the working out and working thru the dark night will thrash you around in sooo many different directions that your head will spin. By the time you get to the other side you will have subtracted a lavish and overflowing amount of detrimental debris from All That You Are!

After you have been thru an episode of a Dark Night pat your self on the back and say thank you. Then stand back and wait for the next round. You progressively become better equipped to handle the next successive servings. And the very next serving will rise to meet you, respectively and equally, in your better-equipped consciousness.

   Batter up!

  Dark Night Of The Soul
Simple in definition.
Lifetimes to accomplish.
No worries tho.
We have eternity to work it out.

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