Frequency Healing

 No machines. 
Just sacred energy. 


Everything Moves, Everything Vibrates

According to ancient Hermetic wisdom and 3rd dimensional physics everything moves, everything vibrates whether we can see it or not.

This is reportedly a law of the universe, remains a constant and just is. Thus everything we see, everything we create thru thought, word or action exists and moves.

An object, such as a flower vase, may be sitting still but its substance is moving unnoticeable to the human eye. The vase consists of numerous vibrational frequencies. It is infused with the vibration of what or who created it, whether it is human or machine. And if it were machine, the machine would be infused with the energy of those who created and operated it.

The owner of the vase has thoughtforms and feelings about the vase and these too become incorporated into the vase's vibrational makeup. Where did the substance come from to make the vase? Is it clay or silica from the earth and have the energetic qualities of same or is it made from synthetic material and coated with a chemical paint?

Color also has distinct vibrational patterns that imbue one with specific feelings. Was the vase bought as an impulse item or viewed as an object of beauty to enrich life? These 2 different attributes towards the vase contribute to its overall presence as well.

If the vase is new, it probably doesn't have the 'feel' of a vase that has been around for decades or even centuries. Something or someone who has been in existence for a while naturally attracts and carries more layers of vibrational qualities. Instead of just 'seeing' a vase, we now understand there are myriad vibrational patterns in, thru and around the vase.  It is a living thing.

Our Mother has her own frequency. How much of that did we inherit? What was said to us and how we were treated as we physically grew established the emotions and feelings that contour our day-to-day movements. Imagine, too, the programming that we absorb from media and advertising. All of this has vibrational pattern and movement. It can be daunting to contemplate the implications.

If you are one who believes in reincarnation and the potential of many lifetimes, then the scenario magnifies. This would mean we accumulate the past-life vibrational residue and adding that to the stew of this life makes for a cornucopia of vibrational issues and challenges.

In The Beginning...
We Were Constructed Of Perfect Divine Geometry In Perfect 
Mathematical Models Vibrating At A High Frequency

We are pure consciousness living in a 3D world, in a 3D physical body to feel and imprint the results of all kinds of contrasting experiences. Contrasting is used here to mean, for example, the difference between night and day, 'happy' events as opposed to 'unhappy' events etc.

We begin choosing and living events, either 'good' or 'bad', that demonstrate these contrasts in lifestyles. We attract and accumulate blockages in the original, perfect energy around us and our bodies.

These blockages can take on many forms. They begin to reshape our physical bodies in the form of dis-ease and dysfunction and alter our emotional and mental conditions from harmonious to dis-harmonious. Therefore our original Perfect Divine Geometry becomes discordant, distorted, imperfect geometry. This produces a low-frequency or low-vibrational state that can draw more of the same 'bad' or contrasting experiences to us.

These blockages also inhibit and sometimes completely stop the flow of vital life force energy that encircles all structures. The vital life force energy is the substance that keeps us animated and literally living in these human bodies. When vital life force is slowed down or cut off, we are unable to function in an optimal fashion.

Everything that IS in 3D has 3 basic features:

1  Built from Sacred Geometry
2  Individual frequency pattern
3  Perpetual vibration whether it remains as originally created or is transmuted to another form.

This is a fundamental law in physics. Energy never disappears; it just changes form. This applies to the human body and everything that we can or can conceive of and all that is unseen and unknown.

Perfect Geometry And Imperfect Geometry

As was previously stated, in the beginning we are Perfect Sacred Geometry. The quantum field around us, the unseen energy that surrounds our bodies, is that perfection.

Everything that exists is a geometric code and has a wave signature, a specific vibratory frequency pattern. Even thoughts are geometric codes and carry their own wave signature. When we speak, our words are creating various frequency combinations.

When Perfect Geometry is present, the wave signatures are smooth and easy. When Perfect Geometry becomes Imperfect Geometry, the codes and wave signatures become uneven and misshapen resulting in life imbalances. This is a literal phenomenon.

Subconscious and Superconscious accumulated programs/programming that are not in our best interest are composed of imperfect geometry. These imperfect parts of us emit a frequency that attracts same back to us.

To clear these imperfect codes, wave patterns and other aberrant energies/consciousness, Sacred Healing Frequency is one of the tools that can be used to flatline or counter their frequencies. These sacred counterwave frequencies are the exact opposite of the aberrant wave frequencies.  

It is like throwing water on a fire. It stops the fire and its destruction and all that is left is ash. When the counterwaves are applied they decode, deactivate and neutralize energetic blockages in the physical body and the field that surrounds us.

These transformations create pathways in our actual consciousness for Vital Life Force to re-engage and re-establish flow in, thru and around us. All my techniques achieve this fundamental service.

This eliminates the sources generating the symptoms of the problem. The source symptoms are always composed of subtle energetic root elements. It is akin to handling weeds in a lawn. One option is to mow the weeds. The lawn will appear beautiful and manicured for a while, but then the weeds regrow.

Another option is to pull the weeds out by the root and then they no longer reappear for cutting. The identified source root sources that are causing problems are eliminated and those particular root sources and their symptoms do not resurface.

Removing blockages releases pent up toxins in the body and allows them to move out. It is etheric (the energy field closest to the body), physical and emotional blockages that fasten toxins to and in the cells of the body.

When these imbalances are corrected, our physical body systems and functions have an improved ability to resume operating in their own specific and appropriate style.  This applies to all bodies (energy fields) of Self, not only the physical and emotional, but also the mental and spiritual.

Each one of us has created the space around us, our own private universe that is us. In it we hold all the geometry that has ever been us:  every thought, word and action. And there is also debris that gets in our universe from others.

All That We Are is pulsing out frequencies every moment. These frequencies then match and return frequencies that are similar. We are mostly unaware of what is emanating from our fields and us.

The more and denser material that is removed from our Quantum Field, the closer we get to Who We Really Are - Creator Also. We are unable to access and fully operate from Authentic Self until what is blocking access is deleted from the scene that is our world.

An authentic sacred body (without detrimental densities) is in the process of Becoming as we clear and cleanse every aspect of our BEing. There is an expansion of consciousness that is occurring to facilitate greater contact with Divine wisdom and knowledge. 

The Way It Works In A Healing Environment

All distorted and dysfunctional energy packets (emotions, experiences, myriad other influences) that affect us in unhealthy ways have specific, unseen energetic frequency patterns.

In a work session, I use finger dowsing to identify your distorted energy packets and corresponding frequency patterns. Sometimes the identification also comes thru clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance or clairvoyance, but finger dowsing is the main identifier. 

After identification my field reads those distorted frequencies, produces the counter frequencies and then those counter frequencies are sent from my Authentic Self to your Authentic Self. Your Authentic Self then reads those counter frequencies and uses your own energy to manufacture and use them to neutralize the distorted frequency patterns.

This entire process happens at light speed. Finger dowsing is much different than dowsing using other tools. It is much faster. Frequency Healing is exquisite in the elegant simplicity of it. 

Frequency Healing and my other modalities can effect a quicker bridge to healing which brings us closer to wholeness and integration with our Authentic Self.  We then achieve greater access to sacred wisdom, knowledge and health on all levels.

                                                                              Frequency Healing Services

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