Soul Response

Soul Response is a verbal interaction between you and me. We use Hypnotherapy or a short guided meditation to relax you so that the wounded parts of you and other influences can be accessed though you. I ask questions and you respond with the first thing that comes to you whether it is words, feelings, a visual etc.

Your answer will be the response of your soul. Your soul responds thru you and leads you to the places that are wounded. Whether it is your wounded soul, another human's soul, an entity or other fields of impact that need removing, all of them are wounded to some degree. There is a voice attached to all that cry out for help even though that cry may manifest in many different ways.

To further educate yourself on the magic of Soul Response, read Hypnotherapy and Soul Mind Fragmentation/DA/DID and how it beautifully engages with this healing process. There is much to this journey of ours!