Accelerated Healing Intensives For The Awesomely Motivated


As of April 5, 2019, I am going on hiatus and not booking any appointments. 
I am unsure of the length of the hiatus, however, if you care to be included 
on a waiting list, send your name to the following gmail address:

Do you:

- have issues that have been stockpiling for quite some time and wish to take 
a sizeable whack at them right out of the gate?
- want a radical experience quickly?
- have limited time and want to squeeze in as much healing work as possible in a limited timeframe?
- already work on your healing at a consistent pace and want to jam it into high gear?
- want to ramp up just because you can?

The 3 options below provide for accelerated healing experiences.

I Can Do This

For this option you will need only one day to devote to our actual work sessions.  The other days are devoted to calls that can be scheduled at our convenience and an email that does not involve your participation.

Day 1   Strategy Meeting
Day 2   Morning  -  Soul Response                              
           Afternoon  -   ExclusiveDesign Frequency Healing 
Day 3   Email:  Post-Work Processing Numbers And Boost
Following Week  -  Achievement Call                                                                                     

Feelin’ The Burn

Day 1   Strategy Meeting
Day 2   Morning  -  Soul Response                              
           Afternoon  -  ExclusiveDesign Frequency Healing
Day 3   Afternoon  -  Soul Response
Day 4   Email:  Post-Work Processing Numbers And Boost 
Following Week  -  Achievement Call



Ultimate Challenge

Day 1   Strategy Meeting
Day 2   Morning  -  Soul Response                              
           Afternoon  -  ExclusiveDesign Frequency Healing 
Day 3   Morning  -  Rest
           Evening  -  Remote Viewing Session (without your participation)
Day 4   All Day   -  Rest
Day 5   Morning  -  Soul Response
           Afternoon  -  Rest 
Day 6   Wrap-up Chat:  Q&A, post-work processing numbers and boost.
Following Week  -  Achievement Call
Highly recommended to schedule 2 days of rest and leisure following the Ultimate Challenge.



Your Design

If you would prefer a different configuration of an Accelerated Healing Package one can certainly be designed for you.