Combining Dimensional Healing With Allopathic Medicine

'...Principle of Vibration...changing the vibrations of 
material objects, or forms of energy, and thus 
perform what are commonly called "miracles'  
~ The Kybalion

The allopathic medical community works solely with the 3rd dimensional physical body.  If there is a dis-ease or dys-function, a board-certified Medical Doctor may prescribe a treatment plan that includes medications and/or other therapies that benefit the physical components.

Energy work in the unseen dimensional realms focuses on accessing and improving the flow of vital life force energy to a dis-eased or dys-functional organ or body system.  When the chakras or any other part of our unseen energy system are blocked, our organs may not be getting the vital life force that they require to function at full capacity.  

Energy work in the physical may include isolating a particular organ or body system and removing energetic barriers that inhibit full flow of vital life force thru the chakra, nadi and meridian systems.  Or original, uncorrupted Authentic Source energy systems will direct vital life force energy if the chakra and other false overlaid systems have been removed. (See Chakra Removal)

Another helpful action would be working with the energies of the spleen, components of the blood and other endocrine glands that support the immune system.

And it is always useful to determine if there is 2-way energetic communication between the dis-eased system with the brain and other beneficial body areas.  

Anytime there is dis-ease or dys-function, there are generally detrimental emotional patterns and thoughtforms somewhere in your Quantum Field either around the physical, affected area or stored in another location such as the subconscious or brain.  These can be tracked and eliminated.

There are many other facets that can affect the physical body.
When the energetic components of a physical dis-ease or dys-function can be neutralized, there is a type of decompression around the area.  More 'space' is created.  This allows for greater ease of entry and effectiveness of healing and life force energies.

A lot can be done in the nonphysical energetic systems that beautifully coincide with and complement allopathic medicine and treatment. 

                Change The Energy/Frequency - Change The Matter

The image above displays the changes in matter when specific energy is applied. All energy is expressed in frequency or vibration. A hot temperature is a higher frequency than a cold temperature. So when hot is applied to anything, it dramatically changes it.  The hot energy can boil water and eventually evaporate it. When the frequency is slowed down and heat is withdrawn, the water can morph into a solid.

In allopathic medicine and nonphysical energy work, the goal is to change the status of the dys-functional physical system.  This means that there is a change in the actual matter and mass of the physical system from one of dys-function to one of health. 

The change in the matter and mass of the physical depends on the vibrational energy that is applied to it.   The actual physical matter of the dys-function is literally a specific vibrational pattern.  To deactivate that pattern, a counter-vibrational pattern is employed. This counter-vibration/frequency is what transforms the dys-functional system into a functional system. 

When the dys-function and the area around it has been transformed, vital life force is freed up and allowed to flow with ease. The frequency of the dys-functional area is brought back to homeostasis or balance, from a dis-eased state to a wellness state.  The physical matter of the organ has to change to reflect that.


There are many factors in the healing game.  Along with Dimensional Healing and Allopathic medicine, other critical paths to wellness include: 

Body Work
Body Ecology
Eating lifestyle
Appropriate water intake
Mental and emotional health
Desire to heal on all levels

So be sure to look into all avenues.  There could be one outstanding and logical piece to your healing puzzle, yet every piece combines to equal a whole. 

And solving that one piece of the puzzle could change an inflexible, uncomfortable solid state (physical, emotional or spiritual blocks) to a state of more liquidity and fluidity for your life course.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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