Remote Viewing And Direct Interaction

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is the ability to see your unseen Quantum Field, and its contents, from any distance whether we are in the same room or half a world apart. In the unseen world time and distance do not exist. 

Remote Viewing is not only a discrete work session but also an identification tool. While doing Frequency Healing, Soul Response or Direct Interaction work sessions, remote viewing goes on autopilot. When I least expect it needed information just appears, and I 'see' it.

For a Remote Viewing session, I hook up with your Quantum Field (QF) and Authentic Self.  An energetic array of intruding and blocking material appears. To evacuate those distortions, we use either your Authentic Self, counter frequencies or my hands. I am able to reach into your field and pull stuff out.

You are usually not present for this method.

Direct Interaction

If you and I are physically together, another way of working is Direct Interaction.  You sit in a regular upright chair in the middle of a room or in a space where I have 360 degree access to your QF.  I walk into your QF and, using my hands as Identification tools, disengage and remove anything that is not appropriate. Dowsing and counter frequencies are also utilized.

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