Energetic Sources of Depression, Addiction, PTSD And Other Life-Draining Dynamics In The 99% Light Spectrum

"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. 
Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the 
sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance."  
~ Nikola Tesla

If we do not pull the weed out by the root, it will grow back.

That same analogy applies to emotional disturbances. If we don't get to the root cause(s) of crappy feelings, they lead to other crappy feelings and emotions, perceptions of feelings, and crappy lives. 

There is a great difference between neutralizing symptoms and neutralizing sources. Emotional reactions and the outer life created from them are the symptoms (weeds) of a feeling source (root).  Emotional symptoms consistently reappear until the source of the feelings generating the emotions has been identified and neutralized.  Until then the vicious cycle of emotional bondage continues.

When we deactivate the detrimental feelings, the detrimental emotions no longer come into play. And then the entire sequence above does not even exist. Why try and manage crappy feelings and emotions if we don't have to?

There are schools of thought that say we have to get our emotions in check, that we have total control over them and are our responsibility. To a degree that does apply. Yet there are some of us whose feelings are so powerful that they and the emotions they create are almost beyond control. This is evident in the labels that are applied to individuals under extreme duress from their feelings - depression, addiction, anxiety, unmanageable anger, chronic fatigue, fear, PTSD, etc.

And there is a reason why feelings can be so overpowering and overwhelming – not all of them belong to you! Just as some of your negative thoughts are not yours, life-draining feelings and emotions can belong to other energies that are attached to you.

The 99% World

Having lived an emotionally disturbed existence the first half of my life, I experienced therapies that lopped off my symptoms, but did not take care of the root sources of my dis-function - feelings and their generators. Although there was temporary relief, the emotional disfunction would eventually resurface.

Through a dramatic turn of events the healing tools that ultimately addressed the root sources of my pain appeared effortlessly. Those miraculous tools are centered around the activity in the unseen, nonphysical world - the world of the 99% light spectrum.

Humans can only see 1% of the visible light spectrum, which means we can only see 1% of what is going on around us with our human eyes. So that means we are unable to see the vast 99% of the real world around us. Take a moment to absorb that. The majority of our existence is unseen. 

In the 99% unseen world, we are unable to see life forms that live and interact with us. And there is copious activity in that 99% whether it is the province of our subconscious or other living Beings in non-physical form.

Having worked with these healing tools on others and myself for almost 10 years now, consistencies began appearing and I thought it might be helpful to share those findings.

4 Heavy Hitters In The 99% World

Below are the major hitters and a case study for each one. Usually all 4 of these instigators will be present in almost every case. The first one - Our Fragmentation - is our stuff and the remainder are not. It is a crying shame that these influences are not recognized and included in overall treatment plans of mainstream medicine.

1 & 2 Our Fragmentation And The Fragmentation Of Others

As we go about the business of living we experience painful, traumatic and unloving episodes such as: physical and emotional abuse at any age; vehicular accidents; extreme financial deprivation; divorce; rape; surgery; loss of a child, pregnancy, animal companion or loved one; war time situations; home invasions; muggings; natural disasters etc.

And sometimes an episode compels a part of our soul, our essence to hide and/or vibrationally segregate with the information and pain from the episode.  The episode could be so painful that the only way to survive and move forward is to separate from it, and these separations are called fragments and overall Soul Fragmentation. 

These fragments can be also characterized as energy packets or containers.  Each negative experience has its own energy pattern that is encapsulated and localized somewhere in the totality that is you. 

And along with our own fragmentation, the fragmentation of others can be with us especially when someone has hurt us. The one doing the hurting also fragments and their fragments travel into our field bringing their feelings and thoughts as well. So we can potentially have a fragment combo platter that will originate detrimental feelings thus resulting in disharmony until resolved. 

Case Study:

A male client on the verge of suicide was referred as an emergency. He was a hot mess and could barely sit still or even talk because of extreme anxiety and panic. He had been hearing voices and having thoughts, incessantly, that were not his and unable to sleep. In session we were able to identify fragmentation and compounded fragmentation of 5 family members, and these were mainly the culprits. He was apparently the dumping ground for the family drama.

His family was highly dysfunctional and expressing through their energetic presence in the 99% of his Being. And along with family fragmentation that was not his, he had his own precious wounded fragments that required tender loving care. When his and the family fragmentation were resolved he was no longer suicidal.  

3 Earthbounds/Discarnates

Earthbounds (EB)/Discarnates were once human beings who went through their physical death process and unwilling or unable to go to their next appropriate location. Sometimes they are confused and do not realize their bodies have died and they are not in them anymore. They wander around in the 99% world close to living humans and then attach to someone for various reasons.

Deceased family members or friends usually attach to loved ones or see a child or an adult in distress and attach to help. Even though an EB may have good intentions, there is nothing good about any attachment at any time. Always remember - one body, one consciousness.

An example of an EB gone wild, and not with good intentions, is one who was 'wronged' while alive and then goes to the person who 'wronged' them after death, attach and bring misery.

And sometimes they just drift and/or connect with other lost souls.

An EB will bring the energy of physical, emotional and mental issues that were present at death. Oftentimes when someone dies with an active dis-ease or various emotional dis-functions, they will bring the energy of those to their host.  This does not necessarily mean that the dis-ease or dis-function will manifest in the host. It means the energy of the EB could exacerbate or uncover anything of that nature lying dormant. 

If the host already has a particular matching problem of the EB, there is definitely amplification especially in addiction.  An addicted EB may look for a living human with the same condition so that the addiction experience may continue for themThey also attach to those with no addictions and then try to force their host into their preferred usage or addictive actions.

When soldiers die in combat, sometimes they are traumatized and unable to understand that their bodies have died. They immediately attach to a living fellow soldier and the fellow soldier absorbs the trauma and shock of the EB's death. So not only does the returning soldier have her/his own PTSD and fragmentation to tend with, s/he may also be hosting another war-traumatized Being and their perilous payloads of dis-function.

Case study:

Two clients, both female, were feeling depressed. One of them was on the verge of seeking medical attention. The other had already sought medical help, but still not feeling well. When we got into our work session, we discovered Client #1 was hosting her deceased father and Client #2 her deceased mother. Both parents attached because they wanted to look after their children. The father EB carried very sad energy and was more amenable to leaving because he attached out of loving concern. The mother EB was more challenging to deal with because she was still trying to dictate her daughter's life and was effecting frustration and anger in her daughter. After mother and father were lovingly escorted to their next destination both Clients immediately landed in a happy place. 

4 Unloving Nonphysical Beings

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was
convincing the world he did not exist.”
~ Usual Suspects, the movie

The demonic label encompasses many classes of beings too long to list here and include other off-planet creatures. If we can just be cool that this is part of the polarity consciousness game and not be so freaked out about their existence and their labels (Possession And Exorcism Re-Defined And De-Scarified), we could really move on down the road with healing.

In most every case, demons are found and usually more than one. There is never just one flea on a dog. When we can allow that we have had many lives in various shapes and forms and that the matrix structures are deep and wide, we can understand the magnitude of the goopy goop around us.

Case Study:

Female client drank a lot everyday. She was not a full-blown alcoholic but was in fear that it was headed that way. She also reported other mysterious urges that resulted in less control over of her life. In session, we discovered that her fragments from childhood trauma were in great pain. Several EBs were present who died with addictions intact and were attached to several demonic beings that also played a part in her desire to drink. The little demon buggers were quite adamant about maintaining their position, but were transported out of there in spite of their resistance. Client's desire to drink was greatly diminished. She was able to control her drinking without all those influences forcing their will on her and felt, overall, much more control over her life.

The Bottom Line

I would never suggest that these influences are the only components of dis-function all the time, but they are some of the time. In my humble opinion, there are many factors that go into creating a hurting human, and it can take a village to pull that hurting human out of the hurting hole.

Staying Out Of Victim Consciousness

Just because detrimental influences may not be ours does not give us license to play the victim card. Humanity, as a whole, has been fully participating in victim consciousness and co-creating our present predicament for a very long time. Waking up and understanding our role in spawning planetary victimhood and then operating from Victor/Sovereign consciousness is our key responsibility in dismantling the victim system.

'All symptoms unlike love or neutrality belong to the wounded soul, whether it is our soul or another soul invading us, and not to the body. The wounded soul cries out thru body aches, emotional pain, sabotaging thoughts and thus sabotaging actions. Healing the soul mind and piecing it back together is the ultimate goal. When we heal and integrate the soul absolutely, then we enter into pure alignment with our Authentic Self, are 100% self directed and enjoy full Creatorship.'

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

Published on Wake Up World

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. I merely facilitate the removal of discordant energies that may increase wellbeing. The information here has been based on my experience with persons describing their diagnoses and symptoms.

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