Allowing A Healing - Conscious And Unconscious Resistance

All Healing Is Self Healing

“Each thing heals according to its own abilities, direction, soul contracts and healing path.  While you can participate in others' healing, you do this best as an observer, guide and by shining your own light so they can learn how to find theirs. You cannot do enough to heal them because their healing is beyond your control.”   
~ Unknown

Recently 2 cases came to the foreground illustrating the point that we can only heal ourselves. No matter what a healing facilitator may or may not do, if the one wanting to heal is not in an allowing and accepting space it will not happen.

1st Case

While working in Hilo Town one afternoon a man walked in and conveyed that he had been wandering the streets looking for help and asked if I did massage therapy.  I replied no and quickly outlined my services. He was curious to learn more of what I had to offer and agreed to the 30 minute free consult.

As the consult unfolded, he divulged that he was a surgeon, M.D., visiting from the mainland and had not been feeling good for quite a while.  One look at his face clearly showed that he was, indeed, not doing well.

His complexion was ashen, his face had a countenance of sadness and there were black circles under his eyes. He said he had not been able to get any relief from within the medical community. The assortment of pharmaceuticals he had been ingesting were not working.

As the modality of frequency healing and other esoteric phenomena related to healing were explained to him, he became a bit bewildered and said that none of it fit the ‘medical’ model. I agreed and replied that nothing about it may be logical to a classically trained medical professional.

At the end of the consult he said that he still didn’t understand how any of it worked.  I said it doesn’t matter if you understand how it works or not.  The key and most important thing is - will you allow it?  Will you allow yourself to accept a healing without understanding how it works? He said he was willing to try and cautioned that he may need help in allowing it in.

There are 2 questions that are asked before work begins.  The first one is, do you desire to heal? Sometimes it is asked more than once.  This can aggravate people, but there is a specific purpose in it. Acknowledging out loud a desire to heal will trigger other parts of our consciousness to cooperate.

When I feel there may be resistance online, I will ask the question several more times to loosen that resistance.  It is like giving the entirety of our Being, which is multi-dimensional, permission to heal. Oftentimes it is not a conscious resistance, but more of an unconscious, unaware resistance.

The next question that is generally asked is, will you allow these healing energies into your field?  This serves the same purpose as the previous question and really opens up, further, the potential for a successful session.

After the doctor was asked the above questions we began the process, and it was a shaky start. There was unconscious resistance.  He did need help in letting go and letting the healing in, and eventually he did it. Once he got the hang of the process and ‘felt’ how easy it was, he began allowing and releasing like his life depended on it. I guess some part of it did because he had exhausted all other possibilities and was at the end of his rope in what to do next.

All manner of obstructions and blocks were removed from his field.  Usually the process is described out loud while it is occurring so Client can know what is being removed, but in this case it did not seem important. In fact, I felt it would stifle his progress. He might have gotten involved with trying to mentally keep up and decipher the information using his medically trained mind.

In this case, ignorance was truly bliss.  All he really wanted was to feel better, and at this point he was throwing caution to the wind and doing something that required all the courage he could muster. There was no sense in mucking things up for him.

Approximately 2 days later he dropped by, and he looked amazing.  The dark circles under his eyes were completely gone; his face was happy, bright and clear.  He said he felt better than he had in a very long time and still did not understand what happened.

He also informed me that he could not share this healing with any of his colleagues or the medical community in general because it would not be well received and have an adverse affect on him professionally. We did not exchange contact information as even that connection was uncomfortable for him.  He was doing exactly what he needed to do to remain in perfect alignment with his individual, sacred journey.

This is a brave soul.  Something deep within the doctor compelled and encouraged him to keep moving forward in his quest to heal.  He followed the inner urging literally step by step and was ultimately successful. He walked into a situation that was completely outside his box and comfort zone and put his life in the hands of a complete stranger.

The trust that this man placed in me and the exquisite movement of Spirit that brought us together were very humbling experiences for me personally. 

2nd Case

Recently I facilitated a Group Healing Workshop.  In the beginning part of the workshop, frequency healing and how it works was explained.  The actual clearing process, how it unfolds and what to do to gain maximum benefit was laid out as well.  We also talked about how there has to be an allowing and an accepting for the process to work.  Usually people who show up for these workshops are savvy in understanding the concepts that are discussed. The information is not completely foreign to them.

Before the actual work started, I asked the usual 2 questions (see 1st CASE) to put everyone in a healing frame of mind.  After that piece, we started.  Shortly after beginning, I noticed that one woman in the group was in strong resistance.  I quietly went to her and whispered some instructions that would help. She crossed her arms and was having none of it.

Even tho she had agreed in the affirmative to the 2 questions – do you wish to heal? and will you allow these healing energies into your field? – she was consciously resisting.

This is always, always ok with me.  Everyone heals in their own time in their own way and how another chooses to go about that is none of my business.  When someone comes into my workshop or employs me to work with them I will do everything in my power to help them in their process.  If they decide to stop or lessen the process, my efforts will mirror that desire.

As the clearing continued, I noticed that she began loosening up a bit and was allowing a small portion of the healing energy to enter her field.  She was still in strong resistance and was not anywhere near receiving the full benefit the others were enjoying, however she was doing the absolute best she could.  In retrospect, the mere fact that she got herself to the workshop was a testament to what was inside of and driving her.  It was a huge step.

Some weeks later, she got in touch and said she was physically ill and could I help.  We talked about her symptoms and condition and it seemed, energetically, that there were some things that could be done. We had to have THE TALK, tho, before we could move forward and have any chance of success. THE TALK entailed her level of conscious resistance and what she was actively NOT DOING, which was allowing the healing energies into her Being.

So we got together, had the talk and began the process. In the beginning it was challenging to facilitate even tho we had had the talk. After she loosened up a bit, we still had to stop on a number of occasions, reset and then start again. After a good while, she did get the hang of it and really began getting with the program.

When we were finished, she expressed how this session had been a real eye opener.  She actually felt the resistance and also felt herself letting it go.  Another important point for her was understanding the absolute necessity of allowing the healing energy in.

This seemed to be significant as she recalled that during the Group Healing she was barely allowing anything. She said she finally GOT IT!  It was a huge shift in her consciousness and forever changed her.


These 2 cases are almost opposites.

In the first case there was a person who understood nothing and was in unconscious resistance. After that resistance was neutralized, there was full acceptance of the healing work.  And in the second case, the person understood how everything worked, was in conscious, active resistance for the duration of the event and only allowed a smidgen of the work.  Fortunately that situation took a different turn later.

Ultimately these 2 beautiful souls taught several insightful lessons - that it is not important to understand or know how something works in order to receive it AND that we have to be willing to heal for a healing to actually take place.  Someone can work with us till the cows come home, but if we are not receptive it will not work.

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