Reality Of Dimensional Influences On The Human Body: The Quantum Field

'Everything about us is In Spiritus.  Even the seemingly dense physical 
body was once unseen Source Energy that was decelerated to fit 
into this 3rd dimensional timeline.  So the body is just Source 
Energy at a lower vibratory frequency that is visible to the eye. 
There is really no spirit having an experience in human. 
It is all Source having an experience in Source in one 
frequency or another.'  
Aniel Lia Love

The Quantum Field (QF) Is YOU 
There is the You that is the physical body and can be seen and there is the You in the nonphysical that cannot be seen with the 3rd dimensional eye. The unseen parts of us are the grid from which our physical body is patterned, constructed and fueled.  Also in the unseen are many bodies of consciousness and aspects of us that comprise and compel everything that we do.

There are several bodies of consciousness, and the ones that I engage with the most while working with you or myself are the etheric body which is the structure or layering closest to our physical body; the emotional body which is layered on top of the etheric and; the mental body which rests around the emotional.  Each of these bodies holds specific energies that affect our physical body and our emotional and mental states.  

All of our bodies/aspects, seen and unseen, physical and nonphysical exist within a field of potential.  This field of potential is our creation, and we have designed this system from a Creator Consciousness.  

The point of Creation starts at zero point, the point of neutrality between the polarity ends of fear and love.  From this neutral stance, charges of either negative or positive may be added to shape the type of experiences we choose to have in this life and in other lifetimes.  These charges have specific waveforms and frequencies and almost endless variations.   

Everything that we have ever experienced is in our QF. 

Everything that affects and propels us today is in our QF.  

Emotions, thoughts, past lives and their residue, subconscious mind and all it housesintruder and other misplaced energies etc. are here now in the Field.  AND all of it affects the human body and the health of it. 


To fuel our existenceour QF receives and then transmits unseen energy via nonphysical devices called chakras.  

Chakras are vortices revolving at great speeds on and above the physical body.  They resemble spinning spirals and draw energy into them.  Barbara Ann Brennan writes in her book Hands of Light:

"Each chakra is associated with  an endocrine gland and major nerve plexus.  The chakras absorb the universal or primary energy (ch’i, orgone, prana, etc.), break it up into component parts and then send it along energy rivers called nadis to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then the blood to nourish the body..."

The seven major chakra systems extend from the crown of our head to below our spinal column.

CHAKRA              GLAND            COLOR             FUNCTION

Crown                    Pineal                White                Integration of spirituality, purpose, oneness with all life.

Head or brow       Pituitary              Purple               Seat of intuition, vision, clearness of choices.

Throat                   Thyroid                Blue                 Creativity, communication, expression in many forms.

Heart                    Thymus               Green               Unconditional love, relationships, healing.

Solar plexus          Pancreas             Yellow               Intellect, emotion, work as an expression of self-esteem.

Sacral                 Reproductive         Orange             Procreation, sexuality.

Base or Root         Adrenals              Red                  Survival, physical health and energy.

Along with the major chakras, there are minor chakras.  We have meridians and nadis that are part of the unseen energy system too.  These are the basics and you are encouraged to do further study. 

There will come a point in your evolution when you will access and run off your own Authentic Self/Source energies.  The chakras and other energy systems unlike your original, uncorrupted Authentic Self system will no longer be needed, and that is another story.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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