The attending symptoms are a partial list that have been described by Clients seeking help. Knowing that the healing tools available to you can effect change in a wide variety of symptoms and improve quality of life could be beneficial to you as you make choices in your wellness plan. 

Depression, sadness
Alcohol or drug use to lessen emotional pain 
High blood pressure
Losing time now or in childhood
Physical ailments and dis-ease
Hearing voices of and/or feeling unhealthy presence of a living or deceased family member or friend
Hearing a voice or voices advising you to do 'bad' things
Feeling the presence of someone who perpetrated a crime against you
Feeling scattered like you are not whole and parts of you are missing
Sensing the presence of 'others' in general
Fatigue, energy leaks
Food cravings
Past life influences
Suppressed anger
Intermittent, explosive anger
Frustration with not being able to move forward in life, feelings of being blocked
Weird or strange dreams
Relationship issues with family, intimate partner, co-workers, others
Lingering feelings of abandonment from earlier or current life events
Fear of the dark or closed-in places
Excessive fear
Excessive thought cycling, unable to break a loop of specific thought and move on to the next thing
Feeling 'bad' in general
Childhood/adulthood sexual/physical/emotional abuse
Effects of Rape
Stress and tension
Suicidal thoughts and tendencies
Emotional pain that is debilitating
Malevolent influences/entites
Psychic attack
Non-physical/physical Energy Feeding
Violence toward others