Thank you for being here! 


As of April 5, 2019, I am going on hiatus and not booking any appointments. 
I am unsure of the length of the hiatus, however, if you care to be included 
on a waiting list, send your name to the following gmail address:

This site offers information for your enjoyment and consideration.

Remember that no two people are exactly on the same page, on the 
same sentence and there will be differences of perspectives. So
peacefully take what is yours and leave the rest.

If you care to have a chat about your situation and/or consult 
about a working session, touch the link below.

Introductory Consultation 

For those of you who have written and shared your stories with me:  

In your letters, some of you describe pain and confusion and in others stories 
of joy and triumph. In all of them, you are forthright with your feelings and 
am grateful to receive such an outpouring of emotions and trust.
You disclose valid concerns and have important questions and I regret that 
I am unable to reply to every email, but please know your 
thoughts are read and acknowledged. 

If you feel that you require more care and wish to pursue a 
conversation or work session, go to Introductory Consultation. 
Thank you for your interest and understanding.

'Through facilitating healing in myself and others, I 
intend to expose our authority in our own abilities,
the understanding that we have everything, all 
capabilities within and without, and require 
no other to exercise these abilities.

We are our own Authority.

We Are Creator.'

With much love,

Aniel Lia Love

The Complimentary Consult is no longer available as of August 3, 2015.