Success Stories


Real Stories From Real People


"I was in Lia's group healing event for the Vagus Nerve.  My results were very subtle, yet powerful.   I would normally be feeling anxious and uptight with the current situation I am facing, but after those sessions I am not.  I feel more relaxed and at ease.  I feel more able to handle the challenges in a balanced manner.  Thank you!"   
Name Withheld Upon Request, Hawaii 

“I had been going to another therapist in this field and felt the work was going too slow.  Aniel Lia was recommended, and we processed at a much quicker pace. Aniel is very open-minded and spiritually aware.  I felt very comfortable with her, like I could tell her anything, and she would understand, she is very nonjudgmental.  She is a very powerful healer.  I especially like how she listens and hears what I have to say, and she doesn’t disregard anything. She takes me seriously and takes into consideration my views on my healing. I love working with Aniel and am very impressed with the results."    
Name Withheld Upon Request, Atlanta

“Although my son is very intelligent, behavioral issues plagued his school performance.  Some doctors diagnosed him with ADHD and others thought he might have bipolar disorder.  We tried multiple medications.  Traditional medicine failed my son.  The spiritual healing Aniel Lia facilitated for my son changed our lives.  He has markedly improved in school.  He is making friends and for the first time ever he participated in the school Christmas pageant.  Our spiritual lives are so much deeper and more meaningful.  I will be forever grateful to Aniel for the wonderful healing she brought into our lives.”     
Victoria, Florida
“The session with Aniel Lia went smoothly.  As we were working I could “see” some of the entities and devices that were removed.  I had no idea that this kind of thing existed until Aniel educated me.  Personally experiencing it for myself has shown me the true healing capabilities of this therapy.  Immediately after the session I felt super great and like weights had been lifted from me.  My darling daughters, ages 12 and 14, had some harmful fragments from a former family acquaintance.  Aniel Lia worked with them directly and simultaneously and the fragments left.  She had another session with them and other hurtful energies were removed.  They were definitely happier and more joyful.  Then the 3 of us took Aniel’s Level I Reiki class and were spiritually opened up even more.  I felt my heart opening more and look forward to the next session with Aniel.”    
C.M., Georgia

“I had been having a pain in my neck for a few days.  Aniel Lia was scanning the energy around my head with her hands and all of a sudden she snapped her fingers and said something and my neck no longer hurt.  It was amazing."    
BJG, Florida

"I was extremely thirsty for a couple of daysI haven't felt much like eating food - I have eaten of course, but the desire hasn't been anywhere near as strong as usual.  My energy field feels more constant throughout as if there are no ups and downs in it - this is most unexpected and I am unsure what to make of it (ie am trying to work out if this is my imagination... but I don't think so - I have a "visual feeling" of myself as one long bubble of energy).  I hope that it lasts. Whilst this is a subtle sensation, it is the single largest indication that something is really different!  The consistency of my energy body seems to be helping me to be more conscious to day to day events and less whooped up in it all.  I have felt happier than normal even with work situations. I did have a long sleep on Sunday afternoon (at least 2-3 hours)... but since then have more energy.  I have come home from work today not feeling drained (a whole new experience :-) - I suspect my energy isn't being zapped!) I think I understand your comment about your mental visuals being clearer but obviously in my own way.  As I am falling to sleep, and in my dreams, it seems as if the vision is somehow clearer.  I can't really explain what I mean clearly, but at the time (via several dreams and pre-sleep states so far) I have been vaguely aware of thinking this.  I do believe that I have greater sovereignty and feel a greater sense of steering my own ship (still not sure how to clearly explain what I mean here understand... but I think you get my drift (pun intended ha-ha-haa!))"   
Name Withheld Upon Request, Australia

“For years I felt as though something was holding me back.  No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t move forward in life.  I tried several different types of therapy and they only gave temporary relief.  Even though I’m not one to pop a pill for a quick remedy, I began to think I may need to be on meds for depression.  And then I learned of Spirit Remediation Therapy.  After speaking with Aniel Lia I knew she was the one to facilitate my healing process.  Her comforting voice guided me through our sessions with ease.  Now I feel so light and balanced.  My life moves forward with ease and joy.      Mariposa, Georgia 

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aniel Lia only once so far.  I will try to explain what I have experienced.  Since having my father’s energy removed, I have come into a place that is new to me.  I no longer experience the self sabotaging messages that he told me as a kid.  I remind myself from time to time that the energy of that is gone from my body.  I can feel that it is gone.  I am finding myself emerging as a whole new person…… the person I always wanted and knew I could be.  I feel like I am coming into my own.  I am forging ahead and doing things I have always wanted to do where fear and victim mentality was previously holding me back.  (I have just now come to realize this.)  Now, when I get into a place of fear, I realize that fear no longer serves me.  I am amazed at how driven I am to succeed in all areas of my life and on some level I now know there is nothing but nothing holding me back!  I am blown away by the new person I see in the mirror.  I have been transformed. So, I thank Aniel from the bottom of my heart.  I know now that I can be the person I was truly meant to be in this life.  I am thriving and I see my successful future.  I don’t question it….the  knowingness is there.”    
Kathy R., Ohio 

“I am in a weird state of feeling good.”    
Ted Dziubek, Canada

 A New Life! Things have brightened up considerably in my life since I came to see you.  I can hardly remember now how miserable I was.  I am no longer severely depressed.  I have taken on a 100% raw vegan diet in the past 2 weeks…As a result, I have dropped 8 pounds so far.  The unusual sensation around my left hip is completely gone, almost all arthritis pain is gone, and my back pain is significantly decreased.  My energy and endurance levels have grown…my husband and I were able to take 2 hikes through the woods lasting over an hour each.  This is a MAJOR improvement for me.  I wake up in the morning much more easily.  My house is getting cleaner, and people are reaching out to me more. So you can see, life is becoming much more worth living. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you have done to help me.”      
Karen Schlesinger, Lewis Center, Ohio 

I was skeptical, but found the sessions quite relaxing and totally painless. I feel that much work was accomplished, and now see much more clearly the areas I still need to work on. Thank you so much.”      
John McCauley, California 

“It’s going on three weeks since our session and things keep improving.  I don’t know what happened but I know that something was taken from me.  I want to thank you for all your support and help.  I feel as if something big is going to happen as a result of the work you did with me.”      
Jeffrey Wilson, Columbus, Ohio 

“IT WORKED!  The grief I was feeling over the death of my friend completely disappeared.  I woke up feeling happy and I could eat again after days of not eating.  I am able to move about and get on with my day without being bogged down in pain.   I know my friend has crossed over into another life and is not really dead.  You helped me see the circumstances of that and I am grateful for the relief of knowing he is doing well in another realm.  Thanks for your help at this critical time in my life.”      Name Withheld Upon Request, Florida

"just n update on the work of last week. The last 2 nights i have slept right through the night without needing to go to the bathroom. Up until then i would get up at 3 ish to go to the toilet and then would be awake for an hour or two. My breathing has also improved going much deeper in the chest and is no longer so laboured….upper chest feels much freer. Pain, discomfort reduced over my left side lower rib area.  big thanks coming your way"     
Hugh Moriarty,  Sussex UK

"First night of clearing, slept 10 hrs and didn't wake up at all.  Felt different and couldn't put my finger on it but just felt better.  Had more energy and noticed the feeling of being more in my body as apposed to being outside my body or ahead of my body.  Also had a big smile on my face wasn't sure why.  Knew I felt better and different.  First day after clearing every thing went good and didn't react to stuff like normally would.  Didn't sleep good the next night, tossed and turned all night.  Woke up that morning with a red oval shaped rash around my third eye!  Night of second day you (Aniel) did the last half of clearing. Slept like a baby that night for 10 hrs uninterrupted.  After the last clearing I fell asleep on my bed and woke up 1 hour later and had hot sweats. Clothes were soaked but not my bed which was weird.  Red rash was gone after last piece of clearing work. Three days after felt more solid than ever before.  Also very happy all day no matter what happened. STOPPED REACTING to things.  This morning the red rash was gone but skin had died and was flaky.  On 5th day I feel like I'm here in my body more than ever before in my life also 5th day money came from 3 different directions (work calls)... have not been praying in the morning and begging for work like I have for years of my life!!"     
DC, Georgia