Intro Into SRT

Spirit Releasement Therapy
The Heart Of The Matter

“SRT is the reeducation and/or removal and relocation of consciousness/energies from other dimensions that are not part of the original energetic pattern of the total human person and environs, the removal of the detritus they bring with them, the resolving of our own internal conflicts utilizing past life and soul fragmentation recovery therapies. These actions re-establish the flow of universal life energy in, through and around the physical and nonphysical bodies creating greater potential for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness and freedom.”  Aniel Lia Love 

It all boils down to spirit.  I am a spirit, you are a spirit and other unseen consciousness are spirits.  There are spirits or essences everywhere and all of us are playing this game whether we are in 3rd dimensional physical form or nonphysical form. 

All consciousness, in physical or nonphysical form, play their parts in serving by gifting the experiences that we individually desire. And when we have had enough of a particular experience and are ready to move out of it, we go about the process of disengaging with those who have provided that service.

Spirit Releasement is the acknowledgement of those that played with us, the techniques used to disengage from those and the healing of our wounded parts (fragments) so that we may integrate and align with our Authentic Self (or whatever you consider to be the Highest Part of you). 

To me, these are simplistic, general terms to describe the heart of the matter.  Going about disengaging and the healing of Self is a bit more complicated which is also part of the bounteous adventures here.

This is not a boring place to be sure!

The unseen world around us is copious and rich with living consciousness and energy mass that have a profound affect on every level of our BEing.  Since we see a limited 1% of the visible light spectrum, the physical world around us, with our physical eyes (The Unseen World And Cognitive Dissonance), we can only imagine what is in the other 99% that we are unable to see.  That is a lot of territory for other worlds and Beings to exist and roam.

Spirit Releasement IS Integrative Energy Healing

Our spirits/souls have created a framework/structure (Quantum Field) to house our physical body and in which to literally walk thru life. This framework is in, thru and around the physical body.  It is on every level of our Being:  ethereal, spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and any other aspect of us that you can imagine.

That framework and all levels of our Being are affected by unseen duality Beings - both light and dark, distorted energy packets, our own stuff and copious other impedimenta.  When we go about the process of remediating those impedimenta, no matter where they reside whether it is in the ethereal body or another body of consciousness, the results affect every part of us. When we clean something, everything around it prospers.  So if something is removed from the emotional body, the physical body, mental body etc. will be impacted to a certain degree.  

Everything interrelates and corresponds.

Another giant bonus to this work is that when something is subtracted, something is added.  When densities/impediments are subtracted, it makes room for the addition of our true essence, our Authentic Self to integrate. That is the pinnacle of achievement and the name of the final game.  The more true essence that we incorporate, the freer we become and more wellness is enjoyed.

Spirit Releasement is integrative energy healing in that it impacts All That We Are and 
paves the way for literal integration of Authentic Self.