Earthbounds, Discarnates or Ghosts - Five Understandings

Is One Attached To You?
Because you do not belong here.  You are lost and
confused and need to go to your appropriate place.

The above cartoon depicts a few of the entities that control and feed off of us.  Those are the ones who are truly lost and need help.  There are many, many others who are far more malevolent and are not lost and do not want help.  Yet when found out, they do leave.

Earthbounds/Discarnates are human beings who go through the physical death process and are unwilling or unable to go to their next appropriate location.  Sometimes they have not realized that their bodies have succumbed and are not in them anymore.  They wander around in the astral plane close to living humans, see us and attach.

Carl Wickland is the famous author of 30 Years Among The Dead and a favorite teacher of mine thru his writings.  He was doing releasement work long before it was fashionable and had many experiences with Earthbounds.  In my work, I have found that his experiences also relate to what I experience with Clients.   He writes: 

“The organism of every human being generates a nervous force and magnetism which surrounds him with an atmosphere of vital emanations and psychic light known as the Magnetic Aura.  This aura is visible as a light to earthbound spirits in their condition of darkness…”

From the vision perspective of entities and other low vibrational energies (LVE), their worlds are dim and dark.  When they see life force energy (LFE), or vital emanations and psychic light as Wickland describes it, they naturally go to it.  The LFE that radiates from our 'magnetic aura' (quantum field) is very attractive to them, and they will move near to investigate.  

If there is an opening in our quantum field, they can fall in, purposefully attach or be pulled in by another LVE.  Once they get into this ‘psychic environment,’ as Wickland calls it, it is difficult for them to leave.

“Such spirits are unable to leave this psychic environment and in the resulting state of confusion – (“confused psychosis”?) – although struggling for freedom, they find themselves living the life of the psychic with him, [hosting mortal] resenting his presence and bewildered by a sense of dual personality.”

The wandering spirit is unable to discern where its existence is in relation to the governing human’s presence once inside the aura and quite often may feel a sense of entitlement to the hosting mortal’s aura and body.  This is usually true for all classes of LVE, and is by no means exclusive to earthbounds


5 Understandings Of Lost Souls

Although this list is far from conclusive, it gives a general understanding of the situation. 

~ A deceased parent or grandparent may attach to a family member to look after them or watch a new baby grow up.  

This is very common. In many cases where a Client doesn't feel good in general, is depressed and having signs of the same thing that a deceased parent complained of, there is a good chance the deceased parent is with them. Sometimes the symptom is hearing the voice of the parent/family member in their thoughts and/or feeling their presence very strongly.

When discovering that a deceased family member is with us, it can be hard to let them go. There is generally much ambivalence and sadness. Several things to bear in mind is that your loved one is not progressing and being the best they can by staying with you. They remain stuck in their own evolution plus slow up yours. It can be difficult to say goodbye, yet it is the best for all involved.  And remember, there is always the possibility to link up again after your transition into the nonphysical.

~ If someone died with an addiction intact and became an EB, then that EB may look for a living human with the same condition so that the addiction experience may continue. They also attach to those with no addictions and then try to force their host to drink or do drugs.

“Relentless as the grip which the drug habit holds on its mortal victims, the power of narcotics extends even more tyrannically beyond the grave. The desire is implanted in the very soul itself and the agony of earthbound spirits, whose cravings for gratification are in vain, is beyond description.  Such spirits frequently obtain partial satisfaction through controlling mortal sensitives, and forcing them to become addicts of some drug.”

“Spirits of drunkards, no longer able to satisfy their desire for liquor in the usual way, may attach themselves to susceptible mortals and through suggestive influence force the latter to drink for them.”

~ Oftentimes when someone dies with a dis-ease or various dys-functions still active, they will bring the energy of that to their host.  Wickland states:

“Spirits who are ignorant of having lost their physical bodies often hold firmly in mind the thought of their former physical condition and continue to suffer…when spirits who are under this delusion of suffering and disease come into the auras of mortals their condition is conveyed…the only permanent relief is found through the dislodgment of the ignorant entities.”

This does not necessarily mean that the dis-ease or dys-function will manifest in the host.  It means there could be a great likelihood that if the dis-ease is in the works, the energy of the EB could exacerbate it.

~ Others attach to small children who are in distress to help and comfort them. 

Some Clients are found to have earth bounds that have been with them for a very long time. During the course of a childhood trauma, an earthbound can actually feel and know that a child is in trouble and will enter a child's field to 'help out' or 'protect'. While the intention is sweet and noble, there is nothing beneficial about another consciousness entering into a field that is not their own. Their presence wreaks havoc on many levels and needs to go as soon as discovered no matter what the rhyme or reason is for their being there. 

~ Another example of an EB is the soul of a terminated pregnancy 

Pregnancies end via trauma or accident, stillbirth, miscarriages, death of Mother or abortion. The beings targeted for those lost bodies are fully developed spirits. They make a choice before birth to go to a particular family so as to resolve issues from other times. When this opportunity is no longer available some remain earthbound and attach to Mother or another that may be close by.
Even though an EB may have good intentions, there is nothing good about any attachment at any time. An EB will bring the energy of its death and all physical, emotional and mental issues that were present at death.

Attachments of all kinds are energy drainers because they are parasitic in nature. When the attached spirit leaves it takes with it everything it brought freeing Client from that particular set of destructive patterns. Along with the relief of the removal of the destructive patterns, the benefits of feeling lighter and having more energy are generally other benefits.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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