A New Paradigm For The Addictions Anonymous Groups?

The road to becoming clean and sober can be extremely challenging. Understanding the spirit and energetic world, my profound respect go to those that succeed in a sober life and those that are still in the addiction experience at full throttle.

The Anonymous organizations provide a beneficial service to those in addiction and many have received and continue to obtain help and guidance that would not have been provided elsewhere.  

Several of the Addiction Anonymous programs include: Sex, Shopping, Food, Gambling, Narcotics etc.  For the sake of brevity we will focus on Alcoholics Anonymous as the centerpiece of this writing. 


The Introduction

The famous first sentence identifier commonly used to introduce oneself at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is:

“My name is _____ and I am an alcoholic,”

What if the introduction could contain different language? What if a seed could be planted and the mindset adjusted within these groups?

Instead of:

“My name is ____ and I am an alcoholic”

Replace with:

“My name is ___ and I AM Creator Also having
the experience of being an alcoholic,”


“My name is ___ and I AM Creator Also having
the experience of being a non drinker.”
This is the seed of realization that they are creating the feeling of this experience in every moment.  Putting one in Creator mode means that they can also create a different experience.

The I AM statement is a powerful declaratory statement.  To say that I AM Creator Also is an acknowledgement saying I AM in charge of my life and this is what I am agreeing to.

{And to be perfectly clear about the I AM statement - what follows after we use an I AM statement is not necessarily what we create. If that were so, the abundance programs using affirmations and the like would be churning out millionaires by the millions of people who use them, but this is just not the case. See my article Are Affirmations and Law of Attraction Working for You?}

Victor or Victim Consciousness

The new I AM statement using the ‘Creator Also’ phrase takes one out of Victim Consciousness and into Victor Consciousness. Victim Consciousness is a behavior of externalizing our problems and blaming people and/or circumstances outside of our self for our current life situation.  Consistently playing the blame game will keep us static and in a cycle of creating the same conditions over and over again. 

Victor consciousness is when we accept responsibility for our reactions and proactions to life’s situations. Each and every action we take is a conscious choice to either go toward Victim Consciousness or Victor Consciousness.  There are no in-between places or grey areas in this model. 

Consistent Victimhood
When a thought/concept is relentlessly being hammered into the subconscious, the thought/concept will take on a life of its own, grow and create patterning that will affect every part of one’s life. 

So consistently stating and reinforcing that one is an alcoholic/addict will sink this deeper and deeper into the subconscious that will then drive conscious life and choices.  

How can one get out from under a lifestyle when constantly identifying with it, when one’s whole life is centered on the statement of “My name is ___ and I AM an alcoholic/addict”?

This belief structure can actually lock
in Victim Consciousness for a lifetime.

To state that one is an alcoholic/addict places one fully in Victim Consciousness and leaves no room to be identified with whom they really are – Creator Also. 

Another thing it implies is that since there is full identification with being an alcoholic/addict, there is a helplessness to change that status.  One's entire life is tailored around this affliction.  The commitment to being a full-time addict seems to be a hopeless station in life even if one is capable of successfully managing it.  

The “I Am Creator Also choosing the experience of being an alcoholic,” statement places one fully in empowerment consciousness.  This means that one has intentionally created this lifestyle on some level for the pure intention of experiencing contrast. 

This statement does not mean that it will be an easy road out of the addiction energy because by the time an addiction is in full swing, there are many energies and energetic structures in place to maintain that addiction space. 

Expressing that I AM Creator Also may not, in most cases, bring someone to perfect awareness in that very instant.  It will, however, bring to the inner awareness the beginnings of change that are necessary to finish the addiction experience.

How can one get to true sovereignty if there is another
 identification that supersedes their Creator Self identity?

Being identified with our Creator Self consciousness FIRST is the most important identification label we can place on our Self.  This is the TRUTH about everyone.  No one is any less than or better than another. 

Can any addiction be deleted as a consequence of awakening to Who You Really Are?  I don’t know.  The acting out of old concepts drops away in the timing that is perfect for each individual.  It is akin to a tree changing from spring to fall.  The leaves fall away one by one and then a whole new set of leaves emerge after the season of change.

Giving love to oneself makes a difference as we go thru change.  Go at your own pace thru any change and have an inner kindness toward Self as you stumble, because we all stumble as we move in divergent directions. 

I am not advising that anyone leave an addiction-assisted program or resume using a destructive substance or participating in a destruction pattern under any circumstances.  I am merely suggesting a tool that may help with the process of conscious evolution within a group of people that may benefit from a broader perspective of Who They Really Are. 


A lovely person, Anonymous, who has been in AA for quite a while and made the transition of acknowledging and operating from Creator Self volunteered to have a dialogue about this concept.  Below is a short excerpt:

Anonymous: Your 'My name is...' statement (“My name is ___ and I AM Creator Also having the experience of being an alcoholic”) works well for me. However, it may be hard for someone to say it just like that in a meeting. I have been thinking of saying something like, “I am spirit choosing to have the experience of an alcoholic.” To me, that seems like a more mainstream way to saying it. It does lose the creator edge but at least it would get me mostly there.

Aniel Lia: Another thing it implies ( the AA statement of "My name is ___ and I am an alcoholic.") is that since I fully identify with being an alcoholic I am helpless to change out of that, it will be a constant struggle and will be an affliction for a lifetime.

Anonymous: Yes, AA does state that this is an allergy, not our fault, and we have it for life. The reason for identifying with it for life is that an Alcoholic mind will look for any crack in the wall to squeeze out of and start drinking. To your point then is that the one experiencing alcoholism should say they are creator experiencing alcoholism but, they should not start drinking again just because they call themselves Creator. They are choosing to have the experience of Alcoholic for as long as their Creator selves wants them to, yes? I got the feeling from the email that one could drink again if they just realized who they truly are. While this is true, IMO, it is a dangerous slope for the alcoholic mind. 


There are many considerations to ponder and work thru as a 12-stepper contemplates this shift.  The 12-step programs have helped many, and I am not advocating that there is anything wrong with the programs.  They have assisted numerous people who have hit bottom with nowhere else to go, no one to turn to and are utterly and completely lost. 

I am not suggesting ‘taking away’ anything from the program, only an ‘adding to’ with the ‘I am Creator Also’ affirmation.   Perhaps the one statement, “My name is ___ and I AM Creator Also having the experience of being an alcoholic and/or non drinker,” can be looked at as an evolution to the foundation of their services.

If you require care with an addiction or would like 
to understand my perspective visit the link below:

And, as always, remember we have eternity to work it out.
In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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