Shame Of Rape

Layla called and said there was a new man her life.

She described him as a good man, and they had been seeing each other for a short while.

There was great interest on both of their parts to pursue the relationship, and they both agreed to a monogamous and exclusive situation while they worked thru it.

Layla voiced concern that she had walls up and felt resistance to allowing this relationship to blossom to its full potential.

She had been date raped 6 months prior to meeting this man and the results of the trauma were still present.

She was seeing a counselor for the fear and anxiety, but the biggest thing holding her back from this relationship was shame.  The second biggest obstacle was a wall around her heart.  Walls around the heart not only keep out pain, they also keep out love.  Walls block goodness.

During the course of an unkind action such as rape, energetic parts (fragments) of the perpetrator can enter into the victim's quantum field and body and stay there until neutralized.  The thoughts and feelings of the perp at the time of the incident also accompany his energetic parts that embed in victim, become part of the victim's subconscious and influence her conscious life.  

The victim will also split into separate energetic parts.  These separate parts house the feelings, thoughts and physical discomfort produced during the unkind event.  They also influence the conscious, waking life of the victim. 


In our work session, we not only uncovered her shame-based fragments, but also fragments of the Perpetrator that carried shame.  She had a double whammy of shame energy to deactivate.  

Sometimes a traumatic event will not only create new emotions/feelings (shame), but will also draw out pre-existing emotions/feelings that are the same as those created during the event (shame).

We also exposed root anger emotions plus a myriad of other inhibiting emotions and structures. There are always additional related energies that come forward when we track into the initial presenting issue(s).  The initial presenting issue in Layla's case was shame and, of course, the energetic components of the larger issue of rape.
This is part of the amazing aspects of this work.  We start down one road and discover many unhealed avenues that are attached to that one road.  It is like getting on a superhighway to travel from Point A to Point B.  Between those 2 points there are stop lights, construction zones, detours and other yield areas that must be acknowledged and given due process.  There are usually many working parts to a problem.  

We will begin with the description of the Perpetrator's Fragments that entered and nested in Layla's vicinity, then describe Layla's wounded Fragments.
Perpetrator's Fragments

~  We were able to access the consciousness of one fragment of Perpetrator.  That consciousness expressed a need to dominate Layla and bring her down to his level.  He was angry and his actions against Layla were generated from his own shame from his life circumstances. 

He carried the energies of shame, dominance and anger and these energies were being shared with Layla.  The energies with the Perp fragment(s) that are nested within the field of the Victim will always, always, always express thru the subconscious and thoughts of the Victim.  

Layla had been having violent thoughts and did not know or understand where they were coming from and blamed herself.  And of course more shame was created to compound the blame she was feeling for having them.

We know the feelings of love.  We can actually feel when someone loves us.  We equate love and loving actions to being in a state of benevolence and linked with the angelic and heavenly realms.

Rape, abuse and other unkindnesses do not come from the realm of love, and angels are not attached to these actions. These actions are not benevolent.  They are malevolent.

Malevolence is the polar opposite of benevolence.  If benevolence (love) comes attached with Angelic Beings and are on one end of the polarity scale, then what comes attached with malevolent behavior on the other end of the scale?  If Angelic Beings are benevolent, what kind of Beings are malevolent?  We need to bear this in mind as we go to the next step.  (There are groups of Angelics that are not benevolent but that is a different story)

~   Six packets of malevolent energies were also attached to that one fragment of the Perp.  Malevolent energies/Beings are usually attached to these kinds of events just as benevolent energies/Beings are attached to loving actions.

The Perp frag and the malevolent energies nested in and maintained an area across Layla's chest (heart) and torso area.  This was their base of operations from which they generated the feelings of shame, domination, anger, abandonment and embarrassment into her subconscious.

Her subconscious then would deliver these feelings to her conscious mind and control her thoughts and life.  It is no wonder that she was feeling so desperate and unsure about her life, as it was, and the future potential with the new man.

~ We found 3 energetic impressions of the Perp's penis in her vagina.  When there is a physical trauma on or in the body, sometimes an energetic representation of the tool used to cause the trauma is still on/in the specific body part of the trauma.   The surrounding energy field may also house an impression of the tool and require neutralizing.

~  The energy field around her vagina and body, in general, had been compromised and required restoration. 

Layla's Fragments

Fragments are formed at precise ages and can be identified and tracked in that manner.  Each fragment carries highly specific emotions and feelings.  In Layla's case, we tracked into the parts and pieces of her that we carrying shame, anger, fear and pain and expressing thru this particular life event of rape.

~ A 12 year old part of Layla was angry because she was nice to some girls at school, and they were not nice back.  This 12 year old part was the keeper of most of the anger that stemmed from Layla being nice in current time in the same situations.  

As an adult, she continued to be nice and accommodating and when those kindnesses were not returned, the 12 year old that was created during the initial sensetizing event would come to the surface and act up.  This one generated a lot of anger in Layla's life. 

On the flip side of this, the 12 year old brought the gift of discernment to Layla.  She was showing the adult Layla that she did not have to be nice and accommodating to those that did not respect and honor her.

~ A 20 year old part of Layla carried the majority of shame.  She had experienced a terminated pregnancy and felt great shame about it.  

She had been young and had no support from the father of the fetus. In fact, he was insistent that the pregnancy not go full term.  She was bullied and frightened.  An excellent sidebar to this piece of work was the discovery that the terminated Being was still with her.

~ Terminated Being.  This little one carried confusion, sadness and abandonment because she felt daddy did not want her.  She saw and felt mommy's pain and confusion so she was also conscious of daddy's rejection. 

The little one was even fragmented.  Part of her was with Layla and part of her was with her daddy.  We were able to bring the little one to wholeness and then summoned her original, Authentic Self to come and get her and integrate her back into a loving environment.  This was beautiful process and provided relief for the little one and Layla.

All of the energies that the little one felt - abandonment, rejection, confusion, sadness - were being experienced by Layla.  The deactivation of these other patterns were bonuses.  The original pursuit was in other directions, but this was one of those necessary detours that yielded substantial benefits.
Generally when we have deep, unrelenting feelings and thoughts around something that are not loving, there can be layers and layers of energetic distortions generating detrimental barriers to a free-flowing life.

Fortunately, due to Layla's work and willingness to go deep, she was able to clear those layers and establish a more solid, joyful and harmonious foundation for what comes next in her world.

As always, remember, we have eternity to work it out.
In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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