Past Life Lover, Anxiety, Anger, Fear

In the unseen world there are spirits, entities and energies that attach in, thru and around our physical body and install negative programming and thoughtforms in our subconscious mind and quantum field. 

Their presence and behavior disrupts vital energy flow to the body, creates havoc in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual worlds and impedes our progress toward physical wellness and quantum consciousness. 

One component of the work I do is the reeducation and/or removal of these intrusive forces and the evacuation of the energetic debris they bring with them. It is important that this is dealt with. 

The class of intrusive entities discussed here are dis-incarnate or dis-embodied BEings sometimes known as Earthbounds (see link in Pages above).  These are souls that once were in human bodies.

When a person dies suddenly or tragically, there can be a great deal of confusion for the departing soul. It may not be able to understand that the body has succumbed and the physical manifestation is completed for that cycle.  These souls are in limbo, generally have no guidance system and can wander about aimlessly. They sometimes attach to someone they have known during their lifetime for comfort/safety or someone unknown.

There are also instances when a soul leaves the body with full awareness that the body has died, yet makes a conscious choice to stay on the earth plane.  This is usually for the purpose of staying with family or loved ones.

The physical, emotional and mental conditions of a person at time of ‘death' are retained by the departing soul and incorporated within the individual they attach to.

For example, if a person dies from cancer, the energy of that cancer will be with that departing soul and passed to the person (the host) they attach to.  It does not necessarily follow that the host will develop cancer: it just means that the energy of it is there, and a greater potential exists for the fueling of that particular dis-ease if it begins to develop.

Or if there was a history of depression or chronic worry etc., those very same patterns are implanted within the subconscious of their host upon attaching and nesting.  So many elements of this nature can be a part of any kind of dysfunction that we may be experiencing.


Layla called one day and described how she was in between jobs, experiencing bouts of anxiety, frightened of the future, generally frustrated with life and had lost all joy. We decided to meet and work on it.  

During our session, we found a male earthbound spirit from a past life attached to her. We will call him Jacque.  In that past life, Jacque and Layla (Layla was also a different person at that time with a different name, but for the sake of simplicity we will continue to use her name in this lifetime) had been together as intimate companions during a time of war. 

In that lifetime, Jacque had left to fight for his country (France) and she remained alone in an isolated farmhouse to fend for herself. Eventually, while alone and without him, she was attacked and murdered by intruders at night.

Returning from war, Jacque was devastated to learn of her death and carried substantial guilt, anger, grief and unhappiness because he had not been there to protect her. Upon his death, he searched her out, found her in another incarnated form, attached and had been with her ever since. 

The confused and unbalanced energy stemming from Jacque's presence caused Layla inexplicable feelings of anxiety and anger.  Everything he was feeling, she was feeling.  She could recall no life event that would have generated so much anxiety and anger.

We connected and communicated with Jacque.  He relayed that he would never leave Layla and protect her for eternity.  We came to find out that Jacque would effect fear energy in her subconscious if he saw a threat coming her way, and the fear would travel to her conscious mind.  

This was helpful to a degree.  Yes he was concerned and loving in his intentions, but his idea of what a threat looked like was not simpatico with Layla's.  So Layla felt fear in situations that she really didn't perceive as fearful because Jacque was fearful.

He also carried self anger because he was unable to protect her in the other life.  His over attentiveness to her safety created anxiety in him which transferred to Layla.  Whatever an earthbound feels, we feel.

He was finally convinced to leave Layla and continue his evolutionary journey.  Jacque really had no choice but to leave.  Initially we interview these lost souls to find out what energy patterns they are creating in Client so that we can get rid of them.  Usually there is a lot of detrimental debris that accompanies an Earthbound and it has to be identified.  If any Earthbound/entity/energy refuses to leave, they are taken out anyway. 

After the separation process and the cleanup of the emotional, physical and programming residue that he brought with him, Layla no longer experienced these detrimental patterns in her own life.  Our work session brought substantial relief to her overall physical vitality and outlook on life in general.

Along with all the relief she experienced, there was also a bonus that was unexpectedly gained.   She was able to clear her own fear of darkness.  The fear of darkness had been plaguing her ever since she could remember in this lifetime.  This fear was part of the residue of that same lifetime with Jacque - being alone and murdered in the farmhouse at night.  

Fear of darkness wasn't one of her initial presenting symptoms, yet it was part of the clearing package.  Before the work, she needed a light on at nite to sleep peacefully.  After the work, she could sleep in the dark and actually rest well.  She was very happy over this development.

Thankfully, Layla regained feelings of lightness and joy.  Not having a job and fearful of the future were initial presenting symptom and after the work, she secured a job in the circumstances that she desired and felt optimist.  

She moved out a lot of energy that was standing in the way of a full and meaningful life experience.  Her willingness to go deep and not judge and allow what came to her conscious awareness paved the way for a beneficial outcome

By seeking out a powerful healing technique, Layla took responsibility for and authority over her life. She stepped out of victim consciousness and was able to move toward full realization of her Authentic Self and her abilities to create a balanced, joyful and successful life.


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