5th Chakra Explosion

Layla works is in the healing field, and her demeanor is reserved and quiet.  Picture a Madonna sitting calmly beside a serene and glassy lake and you get an idea of her ‘normal’ self. 

Like any good healing facilitator she is an excellent listener who hears not only the words of her Clients but also feels the unseen energies that accompany those words.  Her clients deeply appreciate her because of her balance during their chaotic 'moments' and the steadiness of her authentic love.  

Layla, being in a human body like most everyone else on the planet, is evolving, processing and also having her 'moments,' although subdued.

She recently called and was in one of her 'moments'.  This time it was not one of her usual subdued moments at all.  It was a supersized moment.  I had been a witness to some of her 'moments' before and we had worked thru them, but this was something beyond the beyond.  She was not any of that tranquil Madonna stuff.  I barely recognized her as she emotionally projected much like a drama queen at high tide. 

The Storm Before The Calm 
Chaos Precedes Creation 

She was having a meltdown - a First Magnitude meltdown. 

She had jumped the rails and was spinning and skidding all over the place.  Layla was discharging several stories simultaneously and with a machine gun-like pace.  On the outside, the spew was about recent happenings in her life, BUT the reality of it was that those RECENT happenings were the emotional vehicles that were accessing and delivering way more than that.  There was a lot of other stuff hitching a ride in on it. As it unfolded, it became clear that she was finally decompressing all that she had suppressed a majority of her life.

She was in her 40's and had not had the good fortune to allow a spew of this caliber so far, but now she was THERE.  She was in the First Magnitude zone and you have to hand it to her - there was no creeping up on it inch by inch. She went BIG right out the gate.

It came fast and furious.  All of the times she had kept quiet concerning injustices against her had built up to a crisis point (to say the very least), and she could no longer keep the lid securely fastened.  The pot had come to a raging boil, and the lid blasted off like a rocket ship into deep space.  The contents were now bubbling out and over the sides scalding everything in sight and leaving a trail of complete devastation.  Nothing and no one escaped. 

I cannot even imagine what this had already done and would have done to her insides had this remained sealed within her body.  It is a wonder she had not worked her way into some kind of physical dis-ease or dis-function by now given the magnitude of the suppression.  She probably added 20 years to her life by this emotional purging.

From a nonprofessional point of view this event may look like someone in an out-of-control rage.  From my professional and facilitator point of view this event was a thing of GLORIOUS BEAUTY. 

Layla's 5th Chakra Had Exploded And Was In 
The Process Of Blossoming 

The flow of energy moving thru the 5th chakra was humongous and blowing wildly all over the place.  It could not be controlled at that moment and did not need control. In fact, the opposite was required. It NEEDED to flow, express and be allowed to move the way it desired for a while.   It would have been dangerous to attempt to block it in any way.  Niagara Falls would have been easier to harness than this woman this day, and besides I valued my life.   

~ WARNING:  Do not attempt to approach or subdue anyone in full spew during a 5th chakra meltdown.  Remain at a distance, sit quietly and listen or prepare to move at a very fast pace (run like hell) in the other direction if the situation takes an unpleasant or nasty turn.

This was energy that had been damned up and held back for an unholy amount of time.  This was not only her present life aspects having their say, but also energy pent up and suppressed from past/parallel lives that were now affecting her every move in this lifetime.  There was a plethora of energies expressing at once, all clamoring to be heard.  A crescendo of many were trumpeting their voices simultaneously with great gusto thru a series of specific emotions.

The many aspects expressing thru the One (Layla) were naming all of the wrongs that others had committed against her in this lifetime, the wrongs she felt she had to be quiet about because there was fear of one sort or another.  Fear that she would be ridiculed, not be heard and not be loved. And, in later years, there was also fear of being unable to make a living and support her family if she spoke out and defended herself.

She remained quiet for those reasons and more.  And in her past/parallel lives that stay-quiet-or-else pattern had repeated over and over until, in this lifetime, it finally detonated. 

Anytime there is anger, resentment and projected blame, there is ALWAYS pain underneath.  Of course much more can be said about this, however, that is for another time.  This was another layer of emotions that also came up for Layla.

There was nothing to do but watch it happen, listen and support the flow until it ebbed a bit. And it did.  The class 5 hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm and became manageable.  We were able to talk about it and scheduled a work session within 48 hours of the explosion.  It is always optimal to track into these energies while they are fresh and online. 

The Gifts 

After our work session Layla was able to breathe a bit easier.  To be sure, we were unable to access all of the aspects in one session, however, we did process quite a few and got her to a point of balance. 

There is much mind and thought control going on when there are so many aspects/parts of us expressing at one time – everybody wants their say once the gags are removed – and the major point of relief after our session was that of a calm and quiet mind. She no longer had aggressive emotional charges when she thought about certain people and situations now.  Those charges had been decoded and deactivated.

Her 5th chakra explosion is serving her well.  The chakra is now in full bloom and operating in an organic way. She is able to express her desires openly, cleanly and sternly when boundaries need setting. She has been accessing her Authentic Self to a larger degree.

She feels freer, more in control of her life and does not have the angst and resistance that she used to have when it came time to say ‘no’ to someone.  She easily walks away from nonbeneficial situations.

People are responding to her differently as well.  Her new love for herself is causing some long-time friends and family to become uneasy.  Some of them are uncomfortable and turning away from her.  This is all good.  Layla's energy shift was now prohibiting any parasitic activity and the ability for others to use her as a means to make themselves feel better or superior.  She was no longer accessible in those regards.

When this happens, those siphoning her energy have to look elsewhere to get their needs met. There are always casualties as we evolve, and it is forever in the best interest of all involved for partings to occur.

At this point, it is good to let them go peacefully and not attempt to explain what has happened.  If they have not had a similar experience or no awakening experiences period, they will not get it.  And that is ok.  It is then time for both parties to move on anyway.  It is a win-win.  Layla's frequency pattern is no longer aligned with their frequency pattern. 

Speaking in general now and to those that may be in this experience - there may be some time that passes after friends/family drop away before a new set of friends show up. And a lot of times, the friends/family do reappear.  Everybody evolves at their own pace and because we are taking a break doesn’t mean it is forever. They will be readjusting and learning like you and eventually come to a point of understanding that certain lifestyle choices equal certain results.

It is all about our vibrations and frequencies.  Layla had shifted into a new frequency zone/timeline when her 5th chakra opened and left a bunch of old energy and old energy ways behind her. 

I wish all of you the explosion, relief and revolution that Layla experienced.  Her bravery and willingness to heal is awe inspiring.  She went with her natural flow, and let it go.  There was no holding back, stifling or clinging to something that was now obsolete.

Sometimes old energy patterns and emotions require a lot of energy to loosen up and expel.  Her physical and spiritual systems cooperated, and she expanded beautifully into the next level of WHO SHE REALLY IS - CREATOR ALSO. 

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                                                         Respect Yourself

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