Healing The Kidneys - Water, Diet Soft Drinks, Spiritual Protection

Client Jo was having issues with her right kidney.  

She had been hospitalized because of a serious septic condition concerning the kidney and ureter and was still experiencing pain.  

To compound the severity of the situation, she also had difficulty being attracted to and drinking waterNo matter how she approached water or attempted to talk herself into drinking it, it was just not a natural action.

In fact, there seemed to be an active aversion to water.   
Most of her fluid intake was tea and diet soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners.

Our plan of action was to work on the water issue first and then the kidney/ureter.  

The method we determined to use was Indirect (Remote) Access and would not require her immediate, physical presence.  This means I read and identify information in her Quantum Field from a distance.  Blockages and distortions are discovered and then cleared with counter frequencies or some other method.   She was actually sleeping when the work was done.

This is going to get technical as the blocks are described, however, it will afford a broader understanding of the intricacies involved in reversing this situation and also expand upon the scope of this work.  For those of you who really like to know how this stuff works, this is your cup of tea.  If you prefer otherwise, skip this section. 

Each of the following identified blocks have set wave signatures that translate to frequency patterns.  The counter frequencies to the wave signatures were applied, thus flat lining or decoding and nullifying the patterns.  The blocks, then, no longer exist therefore the energy they were effecting is no more.


To begin the process of determining what was causing her lack of desire for water, we focused on 3 distinct parameters - hydrogen, oxygen and then the combination of the 2 = H2O.  Each of these were checked individually for very specific pattern blockages in Jo's field.  

For instance, in the first parameter of Hydrogen, we found that her entire field had a vibrational conflict with it and therefore could not access or process it well.  This had to be reversed.  And the very next discovery were allergies to hydrogen and those had to be deactivated.  And so it goes for the rest of the work.

Hydrogen – vibrational conflict with hydrogen, allergies to hydrogen, too much of the element fire in relation to hydrogen. 

Oxygen – energies and forces of conflict with oxygen 

H2O – energies/forces of conflict and also SELF conflict with water, emotional trauma from 23 lifetimes, physical trauma in cellular memory, negative thoughtforms, resistance bodies to water, resistance energy.  There were 3 relationship spirits with water – 1 positive, 2 negative.  The 2 negative obsessing spirits housed discordant influences.  For reasons beyond my understanding, shock in the solar and throat chakras were also influencing the water aversion.

The water part of the clearing work was a massive piece to her puzzle and was long overdue.  This clearing alone provided her with lifelong benefits that are immeasurable.


The following were blockages and distortions found in the Kidney and Ureter:

Kidney:  guilt emotional patterns, fight/flight, energies/forces of Self conflict, etheric field of the kidney was black and pockmarked, kidney chakra was spinning in opposite direction, meridian/nadis were blocked and severed, negative energy occupation in the renal pyramid medulla, renal column and renal sinus 

Ureter:  vibrationally severed from the rest of the body, negative energy occupation, structures crimping the ureter, not in appropriate space/place, barriers/shields in the meridians/nadis 

Kidney/Ureter combination:  blocks/barriers between kidney and ureter, other conflict, dysfunctional etheric electrical patterns, black energetic cloud surrounding them. 

After the entire body of work was completed, the Chi (energy) increased by 60% in the kidney and 50% in the ureter. 

Any type of healing session is a co-creation between Client (Jo) and Facilitator (Me).  If there is resistance to healing, then the results will be different than if there is full cooperation.  It is important to note that Jo had 100% intention to heal and a KNOWING that she would be healed.  She was a dream to work with.  A beautiful synergy existed that accelerated the process for both of us.  When a profound desire is online, the results can be outstanding.

After the work, Jo began drinking copious amounts of water and now maintains a plentiful supply of high-quality water.  The pain in the kidney disappeared, and this improved the quality of her life considerably.  

She also reported that a low-grade anxiety had subsided.  The low-grade anxiety was not one of her initial presenting symptoms when we discussed the kidney/ureter situation.  The alleviation of the low-grade anxiety gave us pause to consider what had transpired and we came up with, what we think is, an explanation that works within our level of understanding.

Low Grade Anxiety 

Water is extremely important physically and spiritually.  When a body is maintaining reasonable hydration, the entire body/mind/field complex is operating in a smoother capacity and there is clearer thinking.

When we are dehydrated, our brain and all other systems in the body are dehydrated. We can get headaches and begin to lose energy and not feel good.  Plus any toxins or poisons the body is trying to throw off will become stuck. Stagnant toxins/poisons will continue to pollute the body. 

This affects our whole mood, feelings and emotions, and exposes the potential for less than positive thoughts and actions.  Instead of having the ability to access the still point within and calmly react, there may be knee-jerk, negative reactions to circumstances that are tricky. Negative reactions lower our spiritual immunity by increasing the probability for low frequency energy to enter our fields.  Like attracts like.  Spiritual protection is improved by drinking water.

Diet soft drinks can contain nerve toxins. 

Another strong point to consider is the nervous system.  Our neural plexus expands out as we continue to encompass All That We Are.  It assists us in ‘feeling’ our way thru life.  Sure we have other intuition capabilities, however, the body and the neural system are sorely underestimated in the general overall picture of our consciousness expansion.  If the nervous system is compromised, then we are compromised in more ways than one.

Nerve toxins help place the central nervous system in a dysfunctional mode and can cause hyper or unsettling behavior.  Not only are these toxins highly destructive for the body in general, they also adversely influence and greatly inhibit our consciousness from blooming into full expression.

So when we marry the lack of water with a nervous system that is dynamically challenged, the probability increases, substantially, that our entire perception and therefore our choices, can become severely distorted.

In Jo’s case, the combination of a dehydrated and manipulated nervous system (thru nerve toxins) was creating low-grade anxiety.  After she began hydrating with water and stopped drinking diet soft drinks, the anxiety disappeared.  This was an additional, unexpected bonus from our work.

Could something as simple as drinking more water and cutting out diet soft drinks be the answer to some of the ills in our society?

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