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Energetic Healing

We are Sovereign Beings.  A Sovereign Being, to me, is our Source Essence, our Authentic Self, Who We Really Are.  Whatever is the prime creator of our experience, our multiverse, we are That too.  We have a piece of That within us.  In fact we are within It.

The Authentic Self in its fullness can experience anything it chooses therefore if it does not choose to be encumbered with anything that hinders movement, the hindrance simply does not occur. 

During the course of our experience on earth and in the universe, densities accumulate causing energetic blockages to our Authentic Self (AS).

We become fragmented and unable to prevent intrusive and parasitic activity that keeps us mired down in emotional and spiritual sickness.  The more fragmented we are, the more vulnerable we are. 

When we are incapable of absolute communication with our AS, we are unaligned with the full power and knowledge of Who We Really Are and the fragmentation and sickness multiplies.

There comes a point in our existence when we begin to acknowledge that what we are doing is not working, that we are not getting anywhere in life, that life is not what we thought it should be. 

We are in emotional pain, not feeling well and spiritually disconnected from the joys of living. And we begin to ask our self, “Is this all there is?”

And as we question our station in life and become more inclined to get out of our ruts and miseries, we signal our Authentic Self that we are indeed ready to move toward wholeness and joy.  This happens when we are truly ready.

Sometimes we may think we are ready, but the comfort of pain still serves our agenda.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  We have eternity to work it out.  But our Authentic Self will know when there is deep commitment to finally moving out of the misery zone.

When we get to that commitment we are nudged into the direction of what we need to do to reclaim, heal and bring together our fragmented selves.  This is our way back to wholeness, inner freedom and the ability to create joy in our inner and outer worlds.

You Are The Priority

Humanity is evolving at a rapid pace and entering new territory in the form of new consciousness.  Consciousness IS awareness and the new awareness that is literally surfacing is one of Self Love first and the nurturing of Self in all circumstances.

Loving Self First means that the priority is extreme nurture and care for our Self before all others.  While this may sound selfish, it actual benefits our immediate circle and humanity overall.  

Self help and self care thru Loving Self First automatically provides us with Spiritual Protection because when we authentically love Self we do whatever we can to heal Self.

And the healing of Self, the bringing together of those fragmented parts and pieces of us that are isolated and holding pain, results in a wholeness that is a natural and effortless guard or block to intrusive energies that would keep us emotionally and spiritually sick.

When we get into the groove of Loving Self First on a moment-to-moment basis, we begin to see and actually feel the results of that in our world and in the quality of our lives.

As we heal, the moment-to-moment zone grows and we are able to discern what contracts us or expands us.  In other words we are better able to determine if a situation or relationship feeds us or diminishes us.

We begin to grasp the concept of personal power.  Power in this sense does not relate to a power that one may have over another or that one is greater than another.  

It simply means we have that power within us and ARE a powerful Being that has been veiled and quieted thru various methods.

Our Authentic Self begins to emerge and makes itself known. We feel it and begin to operate from it.  The subtleties of this shift can require some time to sense. 

And we must be gentle with our self as we move into and uncover this familiar territory that is our birthright.  Experimenting with new ideas, new feelings and new responses can require time.

Experimenting with these subtleties and experiencing new patterns will produce changes in outcome that will give us the confidence we need to proceed from the Authentic Self position of choosing Self first.  We finally begin to understand Who We Really Are – Creator Also.

We make choices that are aligned more and more with what is in our highest and best interest. This keeps the integrity of our Quantum Field (QF) intact and impervious to those that would attach for their gain by robbing us of our energy and our time.

It does not mean that we not interact with others and do things with and for others.  It means we come from a different viewpoint, a different way of Being.

Because the world has been geared around being in Victim Consciousness and in serving others FIRST and ‘sacrificing’ ourSelf for another, the Loving Self First paradigm may not sit well with others.  This is to be expected.  We have been hardwired from every direction that we need to sacrifice for others.

And this does not mean that we NOT serve and be helpful.  It means that we have to look after our well being first so that we may be in a healthier position to serve without depleting and sacrificing ourselves energetically and other ways. 

There is a way to serve and stay whole.  Sometimes we are unable to serve when we are not whole because the energies of those we serve can encroach upon us (this is not done consciously or with mal intent) and make us sick and tired.

We need to get our own house in order first.

If you have not yet read the short article Love YourSelf First, on this site, take a moment to do so at your leisure.  It may help in further understanding this concept.



Thought Adjustment

“…the moral balance was upset.  That calmness and equability which should regulate the temper, and which are as a shield against the foe, were absent, and so a chance of favorable assault was given…much ground for assault is given by an ill-regulated, disordered mind, by minds unhinged and ill balanced.  Beware of immoderate, unreasoning, excited frames of mind.”  Spirit Teachings, Through the Mediumship of William Stainton Moses

The above quote speaks to the reality of conditions that manufactures imbalance in our lives and also fosters unhealthy energy/consciousness (EC) intrusion.

The ‘foe’ is the energy that is not in our highest good and will destruct instead of construct a better way of life. The ‘favorable assault’ is the actual entry and establishment of detrimental EC intrusion.

To minimize chances of intrusion it is paramount to maintain a calm, balanced, even temperament.  A devitalized nervous system is a welcome mat for unloving energies.

Our principle protection is practicing harmonious congruity in the mental and emotional aspects of Self.  The foundation for this positive vitality is a well-regulated awareness of our thoughts that, in turn, influence our emotions.

We must create thoughts, words and actions that are rooted in love or neutrality.  When we are rooted in balance and harmony nothing inharmonious can penetrate our QF and set up residence.  

We have to take control of our ability to respond consistently in all situations.  The word responsibility becomes response-ability.  When we come from a base of equilibrium our ability to produce harmless, helpful responses improves.

To continue a life of forward momentum toward more freedom of expression, the time is NOW to decide for a higher level of thought response-ability.  

Higher level thought response-ability means living a life choosing thoughts of a higher of vibration or neutral.  Higher vibration energy is the happy, love energy.  A neutral stance is one of deep contentment and peace. 

The vibration of fear destroys potentials in the Now and the Future Now.  
The vibration of Love creates endless potentials in the Now and Future Now.”    
We begin with noticing our thoughts.  We have to be a complete witness to our thoughts…aware of where our mind goes, what our mind is thinking.  We become the watchers of our own thoughts.  This means learning how to be vigilant and paying attention. 

Select a day when you can determine that that is the day you will pay attention to your thoughts.  You are going to uncover how frequently you automatically turn to fear thoughts.  Fear thoughts are any thoughts unlike love or neutrality. 

It is very easy, therefore, to know when you are in a fear frame of mind.  Fear thoughts can include thoughts of shame, blame, hatred, guilt, anger, revenge, resentment, jealousy, frenzy, worry, anxiety, sadness etc.

When your mind is framed in fear, you are vibrating fear and that energy is actually being broadcast out into our universe and the multiverse and it is drawing like energy back.  This will result in future challenges.


Darkness is attracted to fear, fear is attracted to darkness, back and forth, simultaneously, all laced together.  Recognizing this is an absolute necessity in your process of renewal!  There is no way around it.

When you notice you are experiencing a fear thought, you simply ask your Authentic Self for help.  Then as best as you can, cancel out the fear thought and replace it with one of love or neutrality.

Most of our minds are conditioned for fear, so this process is challenging for the beginner.  Because of this conditioning, your mind will automatically revert back to fear as soon as it gets a chance. 

So a couple of seconds after you have called for help and done the work of choosing a love/neutral thought, your mind may immediately go back to fear.
Do the process again, call for help, rechoose love or neutrality and then balance yourself in it.  And as quickly as you notice the next fear thought, call for help, choose again and so on and so on…

As you notice just how many fear thoughts you have, there may be a tendency to beat yourself up.  Be kind to yourself instead. This is natural for where you are in the sequence of life. 

Noticing the fear thought is the starting point to change, so credit and commend yourself.  Be happy that you noticed because there was a time when this awareness was off your radar.  Now you know.

Another method in thought adjustment is to become an expert witness or observer of your thoughts and just allow them to pass by.

Notice them but do not attach to them.  We have billions of thoughts a day.  We simply cannot attach and react to all of them and potentially create unpleasant consequences.

Many thoughts are not even our own and ignoring them completely, watching them go by, is the best action.  The thoughts that run thru our head can have many different sources, but that is another story.

The moral of the story is that thoughts can kill us emotionally and physically and the quicker we can determine how to minimize the impact of them, the better. 

It requires 30 days of uninterrupted discipline to eventuate a habit of mind.  Allow yourself ample space and patience for this change. It does improve with practice and gets easier.

Even those who have been noticing their thoughts for years remain attentive in every moment.  I am speaking personally.  To stay in forward movement can require rigorous vigilance.

Thoughts are things and our world is created from our thoughts. Imagination and visualization are powerful tools in everyday life. 

Look around you. Everything that you see, everything that you experience has been a thought in someone’s mind and subconscious mind first.

Thoughts go forth, gather and manipulate energy fields to give you exactly what was in your mind.  In this way ‘prayers’ are answered.  Thoughts, imagination, visualization are forms of prayer.

Soul Fragmentation Negotiation

Recovery of soul fragments strengthens energy protection to a greater degree.  When we are in one piece, when our soul is totally whole, we excel. 

Full Creatorship is experienced and with that comes strength beyond measure:  strength in our physical well being in that there is greater potential for health if chosen, strength and vitality in the mental and emotional arenas, and strength and expansion of our spiritual Self.

When we are standing squarely, confidently and knowingly in Self we are vibrating at a much higher frequency making our energy fields virtually impenetrable.  With this position comes the understanding of Who We Really Are.  We are Creators Also.

The Total Soul Mind is also necessary for our advancement to other levels after we have laid the body aside.  All healing work we do is preparation for this life and beyond this one.

Many who are drawn to this work exhibit characteristics of fragmentation.  It is common because life can introduce shattering events.  Parts of us leave and are unwilling to return until it is 'safe' again. 

'Safe' can mean many different things and is particular to each person and their circumstances.  

Frequently, during the course of a work session, fragments return when other negative influences have left and Client’s space is more positive.

 ~ If you feel that you are fragmented and wish to accelerate the unifying of Total Soul Mind, begin loving negotiations with your fragments and ask them to return home. 

Speak with your fragments out loud as if they were people in the room for truly they are listening.  Speak to some of them as if they were little children for indeed the little ones are hurting the most.  Be gentle, be kind.

Express the following thoughts and listen for any answers that may come:

Your love for them.

Your knowledge of why they left, the circumstances.

An apology to them for creating an environment in which they could not thrive, thus their departure.

The acknowledgement that you need them more than they need you.

Ask them to let you know what you can do to make their true home more comfortable so that they will return.


When we effect wholeness and live in love/neutrality constantly, nothing can attach to us.

For more on fragmentation see Soul Fragmentation/DA/DID on this site.

Divine Breath

Breath work - in thru the nose, down to the belly and then out thru the mouth - is possibly the most important exercise you can ever do for your wellbeing.  Divinity is on the breath.  Healing comes in with the breath.

Two General Ways To Utilize The Miracle Of Breath

1. Apply Breath to An Active Upset Or Imbalance

When you are imbalanced and feeling upset or in any other emotion or circumstance where neutrality is not being experienced, this is a perfect opportunity to do this exercise immediately. 

Always, when you can, respond when the imbalances come online because that means they are red hot, active and ready for healing.

There are 2 steps in this process:

1st - say the following statement to set up your Quantum Field as you focus on the imbalance:

"I Declare That I AM A Sovereign Being and I call forth the frequencies/energies for my highest and best interest determined and chosen by my own Authentic Self and infuse and saturate them into All That I Am, both within and without and those not of All THAT I AM within and without in this Quantum Field and all in this Quantum Field, including and not limited to: all past, future, now, parallel, subconscious, unconscious aspects, subatomic consciousness, fragments, soul extensions, soul groups, energetic and physical DNA, any of the pieces of shattered light bodies from any and all other incarnations, times, places, in all appropriate dimensional Selves, timelines and existences since inception from All That Is.  So be it. So it is done now.”

It will not be necessary to do this entire statement each and every time there is an imbalance online. Just repeat until you get the general feel of it and internalize it. It is extremely important however to say the highlighted first line each and every time until it is in memory. This is very specific wording to ensure that the appropriate energies are called in.

2nd - intend for the frequencies/energies that will be pulled in with the breath to be directed to the imbalance/upset. 

As you are focusing on the imbalance, do controlled deep belly breathing - in thru the nose and out thru the mouth.  Do as many breaths as feels comfortable for you, however I would push myself to go over by a few breaths what you feel may be your limit.  You may become lightheaded, and that is ok.    

I personally use this self-healing exercise often.

          2.  Daily Sessions Of 4-Count Breath Work

The 4-count breath is very popular and a general introduction into the art of breath work. Doing breath work in the morning contributes to oxygenating the body and creating inner balance. This can make for a more productive, harmonious day.  In the evening, breath work helps relax and prepare the body and mind for sleep.

A crisis does not have to be present to do this exercise.  In fact it could possibly neutralize something that may be lurking and thus is a pre-emptive strike.  No matter the case, breath work is a deceptively simply yet highly beneficial tool for living our life to the fullest potential.

4-Count Breathing

Slowly inhale deeply into the belly, thru the nose, on the count of 4.  1..2..3..4

Fill the belly from the bottom and go up - saturate lower and upper respiratory system with breath.

Then hold for 4 counts.  1..2..3..4

Then exhale for 4 counts.  1..2..3..4

Rest for 4 counts.  1..2..3..4

Start process again.  Inhale 4 counts etc.

Do as many sequences as feels comfortable.

Declaration Statement

The setup on Planet Earth is composed of mostly energy and consciousness that we are unable to see.  We can feel it though.  It runs deep and wide.

You know how it is to feel good vibes from someone or something and also to feel bad vibes. Sometimes we can be absolutely alone and get a funky feeling that something unpleasant may be lurking around us. 

If you feel unpleasantness around and want it to leave, the following may help as a first measure.

1.  Get centered, stand in all the power of Who You Really Are and say out loud:

I AM A Sovereign Being and you are not allowed here.  I command and demand that you leave now.  You are not allowed to return.  I declare that this be done now. So be it. So it is.

2.  Take a deep breath, thru the nose, and focus on blowing this statement out the top of your head.  Have the intention that this command will energetically clear your Sovereign space.

We are not powerless or helpless in what may or may not come into our Quantum Field.  It is OUR field and we are the governing consciousness.  Take control of it and you!

As A Recurring Exercise

It is beneficial to say out loud as much as needed, ‘I AM A Sovereign Being’ in general to assist in actually getting to a place of acknowledgement that this is, indeed, so. This is a very powerful declaration to, first of all, yourself and, secondly, to the Universe and all within it.

In fact it could be a good phrase to use during Thought Adjustment work. With whatever fear thought comes to mind, overlay it with ‘I AM A Sovereign Being’.

When we first embark on the path of reclaiming our Self, it is imperative that we get used to the idea and the TRUTH of Who We Really Are.  This idea and knowledge needs to supersede all other labels that we may apply to our Self. 

As we begin to really understand this, we grow stronger and more impervious to other influences.  There are a whole host of other benefits, but you get the gist. 

We are Creators Also with the right to create and allow whatever we choose in, thru and around us.  The quicker we get to that recognition, the sooner we can get to a point of integrating our Authentic Self.

Quantum Field Fortification

Our Quantum Field is the energetic, invisible space that houses and sustains the human body.  It has other names such as the body/mind/field complex, morphogenetic field, aura etc.  We accumulate all kinds of non-beneficial energies in our field.

While we are cleaning, healing and evolving, it is important to keep the integrity of our field as close to 100% as possible. 

This means fortification against all that is unlike love or neutrality. Ask your Authentic Self, High Self, Creator Of All That Is or whatever Being/Energy you trust, “Is my field 100% fortified?”  An answer will come in some form. 

If the underlying tone is that it is not, then ask Your Trusted Source “to provide 100% fortification and allow nothing unlike the energies of my own Authentic Self to come anywhere in, thru or around All That I Am.” 

 Be aware of the feeling before your field is fortified.
 Be aware of the feeling after it has been fortified.

Each person will have his or her own unique telltale signs of fortification/no fortification.

Check your field twice daily in the beginning so that you can become accustomed to the feelings.  After a while, you will know instantly when it is not fortified.

Fortification Meditation

As discussed previously, thoughts are things and thought energy builds.  You have the power to build protection around you.  Below is the Fortification Meditation.  This is a meditation that I learned in the course of my studies.  I use this with Clients and recommend its use in the morning and in the evening or at your discretion. 

Focus deep inside, to the very center of your being.  Find the spark of your own Authentic Self deep inside.  It can be light, dark or any color/shape/size you wish to give it. Feel it…sense it…see it there…imagine it there deep inside you, imagine that spark flows warmly and expands in all directions…upward and downward in your body…all the way from the tips of your toes to the top of your head…from fingertip to fingertip…filling every cell of your body…imagine that spark expanding outward from the back of your body…it is important for the back of the body to be enveloped…see the Spark flowing around the boundaries of your body…and now project it out about an arm’s length in every direction…see your entire body encased in a shimmering bubble of your spark…see it, feel it all around you…feel the impenetrability of it…feel the safety of it…feel the YOU that is in charge of this atmosphere, this level of awareness…You Are A Sovereign Being.

Renunciation Statement 
During the course of our many lifetimes and in-between these, we have drawn forth diverse experiences.  We have, as part of the experiment with duality, willfully and intentionally taken on roles that can be identified as unkind and unpleasant.  To keep the richness of this polarity phenomenon in smooth flow, agreements etc. were made that we may now desire to cancel as we are becoming less inclined to experience unkindness and drama.  For some of us, this part of the game has become old and stale and it is now time to move onto something else.  Because we wish to move on does not mean that the agreements etc. just go away.

To be clear, this is not a beginner's Renunciation Statement. Do the best you can with it. Taylor the statement if you choose. This is your life and energy, so do what feels good for you.

Get centered, stand in the power of Who You Really Are and with INTENTION and POWERFUL WILL say out loud:

I and anyone including consciousness of all past, future, dormant, now aspects, fragments, parallel lifetimes, soul extensions, soul groups, all inorganic patterns, unconscious aspects, subatomic aspects, any of the pieces of shattered light bodies from any and all other incarnations at any time at any place, energetic and physical DNA, Higher Selves in all dimensions, and between all of these of ALL THAT I AM both within and without and those not of All THAT I AM within and without in this body/mind/field and all in this body/mind/field hereby revoke, rescind, disvoke and disavow all blood oaths, baptisms, contracts, agreements, pacts, glamours, seductions, bargains, vows , initiations, rituals, swearings, fealties, incantations, permissions, liens, any silent/unknown/unseen consent, any connections and frequency links with, trade with and to and from the darkness/dark matrices/bodies/Beings and from false light matrices/false light fields/bodies/Beings, all duality matrices, otherworldlies, ALL races of BEings unlike mySelf, including black/white magic, black/white magic sorcery, all conscious and manufactured/synthetic influences thereof, all of any energy/frequency mass, and anything unlike the vibration and frequency/zero point of my own authentic, original Authentic Source in this lifetime, past/between/future lifetimes, in this dimension, between dimensions, in other worlds, planets, and in between these, from ALL dimensional and timeline/moment levels in any type of existence since my inception.  So be it from this moment throughout eternity as long as my Essence/ Consciousness exists. And in proxy for all that is in this body/mind/field, I say for all and myself: I DECLARE I AM A SOVEREIGN BEING AND I COMMAND, DEMAND AND DECLARE THAT THIS BE DONE NOW. SO BE IT. SO IT IS NOW.  THANK YOU.

After you have said the statement, take in a deep breath through your nose intending to bring this statement into All That You Are and then exhale though your mouth and intending on sending it out of the top of your head to saturate your field.  Afterwards, take 5 deep cleansing breaths and then 5 measured, slow breaths or more and feel into the release of all of the kaka that has left you. If you feel more breathing is appropriate to expel all residue, continue until you feel complete. Some people have significant shifts after this procedure and still others report that they do it more than once at different times.

If you require additional help and would
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