10 Cornerstones Of An Authentic Teacher/Healer

Humanity, as a whole, is evolving faster than any other time in history. And as we evolve, new understandings and new ways of Being come into focus and those new ways can be confusing and downright frustrating to manage.

Sometimes we need a helper in navigating through those frustrations and other imbalances and reach out to a teacher or healer who has been there and done that.

Usually there is a resonating vibe that attracts us to our appropriate helper. We naturally gravitate toward and feel at home in a particular field of information. In this scenario there is no guesswork involved. There is an unmistakable pull and a knowing.

And at other times finding the appropriate helper can be tricky because inner chaos creates confusion and indecision.

Given the multitude of options for healing and learning that are available today, it can be helpful to have parameters in place when making choices. Whether we have already selected a helper or still need guidance, a set of guidelines can be a beneficial compass.

The following is a list of 10 cornerstones in identifying the best fit for you. 

An Authentic Teacher/Healer Will... 

1  Understand there is a Sacred Trust between Student and Teacher.  The teacher will see each one who enters as an innocent who is placing their life in the teacher's hands for guidance. This is a place of supreme trust and a loving teacher will honor the one that comes to them and be in a place of humble, silent gratitude. The teacher will be harmless and helpful in every interaction

2  Meet you where you 'are'.  There will be no 'holier than thou' or a 'know it all' attitude toward you or your current frame of reference - acceptance will prevail. Even though the teacher may be in an entirely different place, the language the teacher uses will be within your understanding. Patience is a key indicator.

3  Not make you 'wrong'.  A seasoned healer fully understands that there are many levels of understandings and that no understanding is 'wrong'. A wise one will intuit where it is you are seeking to go and gently nurture you there without condemning the choices that have brought you to where you are today. If the teacher feels that their offerings are not a match for you, she/he will not attempt to hold onto you for the sake of having a student.

4  Not 'take away' but will 'add to'.  There will be no attempt to talk you out of what you believe or take it away. No ideas will be forced on you. Only temperate suggestions of what has worked for the teacher and the teacher's frame of reference will be given. This will only 'add to' current information of the student. The student is then able to determine what, if anything, may fall away from her present orientation and decide what to adopt from the teacher's offerings. She is given full and complete support in drawing her own conclusions.

5  Empower you toward Self Sovereignty.  A true healer understands that a student may be a bit shaky for various reasons in the beginning and may depend on him/her heavily in the beginning. This may require time to subside.

However it is always paramount in healer's mind to begin the empowerment process with the student right away. A healer knows that the student is the leader and not the other way around. A student cannot be forced to learn something before being ready, and the healer will know when to softly nudge forward movement.

And this is very important - a true healer wants only to see you pass thru his world. He knows that he does not hold the keys to everything under the sun and that eventually the student will get what she came for. A natural maturation peak will be felt both by the student and the healer.

The healer will not attempt to develop a co-dependent relationship with you by saying or intimating that you cannot get by without them or their teachings/modalities or that you have to check in with them for every little detail of your life.  

TRUTH will want to see you independent and flying free and high.

A student will always outgrow a teacher/healer. Everything evolves. A teacher understands this and is thrilled, deeply satisfied and at the same time a bit saddened when it is time to say goodbye to the one who has shared, with them, that leg of their personal journey.

6  Provide self help/healing tools.  These will be part of the teacher's immediate offerings for the student' perusal and continuing journey to sovereignty.

7  See you as already healed.  A true teacher recognizes that we are ALL healed NOW because we are Creators Also at our core. We have, as a group, created a game to play here in 3D and merely accumulated dross that requires removal when we choose to move on. If the teacher does not see you as already healed and Creator Also, who will? Who else will have that knowing and project it into your field as they are working with you?

8  Recognize YOU as being THEIR teacher/healer.  A true teacher understands that the student is teaching them how to teach and bring in the lessons of true neutrality, patience and other delicious stuff. A teacher is always in the process of learning.

9  Not say they are a great teacher/healer.  Be aware of those that glorify their position, are excessively proud, suggest that they have all the answers, say their method/teachings are the cure for everything and that other method/teachings are wrong. There is a difference in simply offering useful tools and proclaiming those tools to be above and beyond any other methods.

10  Will not make themselves appear to be perfect.  They will share with you stories of how they also stumbled and fell, how they clawed their way out of their own deep, dark holes. They will gladly admit that their journey is not over either and they still stumble, fall and do stupid stuff.

Teachers/healers are not infallible and are learning just as their students are. We are all students. So please have patience and loving attitudes toward those you look 'up' to. When they fall from the pedestal and mess up bad, help them back up, shake off the dust and move on down the road.


P.S.  Using the word ‘Healer’ here is for the purpose of clear definition and brevity. In my practice, I prefer to use the term Facilitator Of Healing or just Facilitator. I am very clear that I do not heal anything on or for anyone, so I am not a healer. My function when working with clients is to facilitate their healing with them. I simply facilitate in the resolution of what they allow to be healed. All healing is truly self healing. I also feel the same way about the word ‘Teacher’ and prefer the term ‘Facilitator Of Consciousness’.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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