Sweet Awakening Help - Healing For The Rough Edges

One aspect of Awakening is about exposing and healing painful, unhealed parts of our inner Self and ejecting other attachments.

Sometimes all the energetic elements of these healings do not leave our body or quantum field/aura and create residue.

We are exposing and moving our painful stuff at such a rapid rate that these residues can build on top of each other, pile up and create blocks in our healing and integration.

These significant accumulations can manifest as sluggishness, not being grounded, feeling disconnected and stuck. Other symptoms too numerous to mention may also apply.

If you are interested in clearing out those residues, Sweet Awakening Help could be for you.

As of April 5, 2019, I am going on hiatus and not booking any appointments. 
I am unsure of the length of the hiatus, however, if you care to be included 
on a waiting list, send your name to the following gmail address:


 What To Do

1.  First go to the PayPal Donation Button (paypal
doesn't require an account) in the footer
below this page and deposit $100 

2.  Then include the following information in an email: 

Your location - country and city/town 

Time zone 

Communication choice 
(phone or Skype)
For all of you who live outside of the US
we can enjoy a virtual chat thru Skype 
or you can call my cell phone. 

Dates and time you prefer to meet.
Please include at least 2 options.

Write 'Energy' in the Subject line.

Preparation, Participation And Aftercare Guide

After your deposit is received and we nail down a work session time, you will be sent the Preparation, Participation And Aftercare Guide.  It will outline specific instructions in how to get the most out of our healing session.


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