Your Primary Issues

As of April 5, 2019, I am going on hiatus and not booking any appointments. 
I am unsure of the length of the hiatus, however, if you care to be included 
on a waiting list, send your name to the following gmail address:


Four tools are available for your consideration and healing. 
Having several options instead of just one may be of interest to you.  
Chatting about these options could give you focus about your needs and direction.


Soul Response

1.5 Hour Session


Full Session
1.5 Hour


Short Session
1 Hour or less


  Remote Viewing

  20-minute Followup Call Included


* * *

What To Do

1.  First go to the PayPal Donation Button (paypal
doesn't require an account to use it) in the footer
below this page and deposit the Donation Requirement

2.  Then include the following information in an email: 

Your location - country and city/town 

Time zone 

Communication choice 
(phone or Skype)
For all of you who live outside of the US
we can enjoy a virtual chat thru Skype 
or you can call my cell phone. 

Dates and time you prefer to meet.
Please include at least 2 options.

Write 'Energy' in the Subject line.


 Be sure to make the deposit first and include
ALL requested information in your email.
This saves both of us valuable time.