As of April 5, 2019, I am going on hiatus and not booking any appointments. 
I am unsure of the length of the hiatus, however, if you care to be included 
on a waiting list, send your name to the following gmail address:

30 Minutes
  $60 USD

  1 Hour 
  $120 USD

What To Do

1.  First go to the PayPal Donation Button (paypal
doesn't require an account to use it) in the footer
below this page and deposit either $60 or $120. 

2.  Then include the following information in an email: 

Your location - country and city/town 

Time zone 

Communication choice 
(phone or Skype)
For all of you who live outside of the US
we can enjoy a virtual chat thru Skype 
or you can call my cell phone. 

Dates and time you prefer to meet.
Please include at least 2 options.

Write 'Energy' in the Subject line.


 Be sure to make the deposit first and include
ALL requested information in your email.
This saves both of us valuable time.