Are Affirmations, The Secret And Law Of Attraction Working For You?

5 Spiritual Non Truths
8 Simple Human Approaches

'The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not 
from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea.'
Nikola Tesla

Losing our financial resources and the capabilities that come with money can be scary. We need money to do just about everything in life - eating and maintaining physical shelter being the top two necessities. When providing those two necessities becomes a real - rather than a theoretical - hardship, we begin looking for ways to retrieve our former financial ease.

In spiritual circles, two techniques are highly recommended to bring around financial abundance. They are Affirmations and the Law Of Attraction which involve either repeating positive statements to oneself or being constantly positive about the things you want to attract into your life. They are both popular practices which many people use together to create 'abundance'.  There are as many versions of these teachings as there are teachers espousing their virtues.

Do They Work Or Do They Bring Disappointment?

Although wildly popular, I have personally heard from others that these two techniques are not working for them. I also have experienced the same. We say affirmations exactly as instructed and diligently and earnestly work the law of attraction program, yet the assured end result of financial gain does not materialize. If you are struggling with this as well, please know you are not alone!

A Classic Response

Because religious and spiritual programming equates positive or 'good' thoughts/behavior with all the good things in life, we feel we must have been thinking and behaving 'badly' to have lost our abundance in the first place.

So on top of feeling that our bad actions caused our financial loss in the first place, we now feel doubly bad when being super positive and working the positive/good-based affirmation and law of attraction programs still produce no ability to manifest money.  Our perceived 'double badness' starts to create guilt and shame. It is crazy making stuff!

There is tremendous pressure to establish money flow and when it just isn't happening, desperation sets in and our response is classic. We start scrambling around trying to be even more 'good' even though we were being good before and during the time we lost our abundance.

So we try harder to do even more spiritual stuff, despite the fact that we were doing nothing but spiritual stuff during the abundance loss. We buy more books, attend more seminars, light more candles, chant and meditate more, all the while wracking our brains in an attempt to figure out exactly what bad things we did, and are obviously still doing to deserve our current lack-of-ease status.

The tension and stress from trying to be good, positive and happy 24/7 so that we can generate money, is so overpowering that we actually exhaust ourselves energetically and emotionally, and ultimately begin to wonder - what is wrong with me?

There is nothing wrong with you!

You are not doing anything wrong. Take a breather, ease up on yourself and know that you are okay. Stop the programs and stop the pressure of having to be and do everything 'right'.

Sometimes there are no solutions to tricky situations except to ride them out. And in the meantime it is okay to step out of a manufactured and forced positive zone, and just be freaking real. This too shall pass. Nothing, absolutely nothing stays static.

Being Good, Being Bad 
5 Spiritual Teachings We Swallow Hook, Line And Sinker

Along the way of life I have noticed 5 things concerning money - and abundance in general - that are the exact opposite of what spiritual and religious teachings preach. Recognizing these non-truths afforded me comfort, and still do when times are not perfect and I question myself. Maybe they will help you too.

1. Being Good: There are people who are swimming in money and not making any effort to be 'good' to get their money. They are in neutral. On the flip side, there are also people with considerable wealth who do appear to be doing 'bad' stuff. 

The one thing the 'good', the 'bad' and the 'neutral' have in common are they are busy walking in the world and using their individualized human ego/persona capabilities to gather more abundance to provide for grace of living. They are just focused. So being 'spiritual', being 'good', being in 'high vibration' isn't a prerequisite to attracting prosperity of all kinds. 

To be very clear, I am not advocating that you be someone you are not or do ugly things to get money. I am saying that you are 'good' enough already and could stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be good-er to receive more of what will provide comfort.

2. Feeling Good And Saying Good Things: There are people who complain, are depressed, miserable and even quite nasty, yet money still follows them. In keeping with the way affirmations and the law of attraction are supposed to work, this negative or 'bad' behavior is producing the exact opposite of what the results should be. It seems to be working backwards. Confusing, right?

There have been periods in my life where I have been completely miserable, said miserable things, yet money has come out of the blue en mass, then extended periods of time where I have been happy and positive, but getting money was an absolute struggle.

3. Keeping The Money Flow Going: According to spiritual principles, we need to pass wealth around to keep it coming to us, yet I have observed that some successful people are penny-pinchers and 'tight' with their money, yet the money keeps rolling in. I have a personal friend who was quite generous with his money. He began noticing diminishing returns and then went the opposite route of holding his money close. He became more affluent merely by holding on to it. Another thing started happening - he began attracting financial opportunities that were outrageously advantageous.

I am not suggesting that we not give and be generous, but being overly generous or feeling pressure to be generous for the sake of keeping the flow going may not be necessary. Several people I have consulted with started giving their money away thinking it would bring in more, and they just wound up having less money. It was not their season to give. It was their season to hold.

4. NOT Being Real With How You Feel:  Saying how you really feel and being real about the state of your affairs, is NOT going to bring more of the same. We can say that we are broke without attracting more broke-ness. I often felt I was holding back a dam of feelings when trying to sidestep what was really happening in my financial world.  It was a denial of my experience, and it didn't feel good.

There can be shame attached to not being financially fluid, and that is one reason why people don't want to speak of it because of fear they may be judged - judged on their life and how they got to where they find themselves. 

If your not-feeling-good stuff is suppressed the whole thing snowballs and turns into a cluster clog down the road, so the best thing to do is to let it out. Actually acknowledging our reality in the moment is liberating in that when it is acknowledged the charge attached to it can be lessened. That action helps instead of hinders and brings a measure of relief. It did for me. Don't wallow too long though. Being in that space for longer than we really need keeps us in victim consciousness.

5. 'Wanting' Something Will Keep It At Bay: I have wanted plenty of things and have said it out loud and gotten plenty of those things. I have noticed others being successful in wanting too. 'Wanting' doesn't mean that there will always be a lack of it. 

Although words do matter, sometimes we take this whole thing too far. We get to where we are afraid to be truthful and gauge every word that comes out of our mouth, fearing that we will create abject misery if we say one negative word or have one negative thought. We need to lighten up folks.

Are Affirmations And The Law of Attraction Useful To Us?

The teachings of Affirmations and Law of Attraction can be diversions to keep us from the real work of being human. If we stay lofty and feel pressure to be good, to be spiritual, to disallow ourselves a bad day, to disallow ourselves the expression of pain - in other words to squelch every human aspect of our self in order to 'ascend', be holy etc, by never uttering or acting out one 'negative' thing, then we are missing the point by a galaxy or two!

The Bottom Line

My viewpoint is that if we are still and listen we will be taken to circumstances that help us uncover Who We Really Are.  Sometimes these circumstances are pleasant and sometimes not. We are only in control to a certain point and that is it. 

Seeing someone in financial hardship can mean much more than meets the eye, and seeing someone in financial ease can also mean something other than what it looks like on the surface. There is a time and season for everything.  The tides come in and the tides go out. The tides can go out for long periods of time and nothing we say, do or think will bring it in until the moment serves us. 

I have no clue what your life will bring you and don't even have a clue about where my own life is going either.  We have to be very, very careful how we look at another whose tide is out and not.judge.period. THEIR SITUATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KARMA, but everything to do with how their Authentic Self is guiding them to alignment with Self. I am so sick of the Karma Concept as well. Just another blame/shame game in the massive control program of spirituality.

8 Simple Approaches
Hit The EZ button And Honor Your Humanity

How must one really BE in order to bring home the bacon? Instead of expending any more time and financial resources into complicated prosperity programs, try the following human/earthly perspective:

1.  Lighten up! Laugh! Let go of the heavy load of trying to fit in or adhering to specific religious or spiritual structures.

2.  Be in a zone of respecting all of life without feeling a burden of being 'spiritual' and doing 'spiritual' stuff. You can be a spirit in the spiritual world when you die. Earth is not supposed to be an exact replica of the other realms we are in when not in these physical bodies. 

3.  Put one foot in front of the other and allow your day to unfold with more grace. This is so easy to implement and deceptively simple in how it works.

4.  Chop wood, carry water. Know that life here is a little bit magic and a whole lot of densely related activities in keeping the body moving. 

5.  Be a freakin' human! Get your head out of the clouds. Be here now on Planet Earth in a human body.

6.  Do the best you can in any given moment according to you. BE YOU. And work toward being authentically you in every moment. This is a biggie. Being authentic IS the new currency.

7.  Make goals, have desires/wants THEN -> Go with the unique physical flow of each day and follow subtle, inner promptings that may change your original intended route. That is how one hooks in with their Authentic Self and authentic flow. Sometimes what we start out with is not the end result.

8.  Loving and honoring Self IS KEY TO EVERYTHING. In all ways, always!

Just act natural. 
BE who you really are. 
Your magical world will 
unfold and take you with it.

And, as always, remember we have eternity to work it out.

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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