Love YourSelf First

Being Selfish Serves Everyone

We must be selfish if we are to heal in a substantial way. Most of us have loved ones to consider when we make choices, yet if we do not straighten out our own tiny corner of the universe, we cannot expect any aspect of our universe to improve. 

We are all connected in a Field of Unity and what ONE does affects ALL. When you heal, I heal. When I heal, you heal. When we heal, those around us are greatly affected. And in some cases our willingness to step up to the healing plate will inspire others to do the same.

To love yourself first by helping yourself feel better IS loving others in that your actions will radiate out in all directions and touch people that you cannot even imagine. Your healing and subsequent access to unconditional Self love and acceptance paves the way for more happiness.

It also paves the way for more abundance in all regards in your world. When blocks to feeling good are removed, then the free flow of life has a chance to make its way to you. We are meant to live full, sustainable lives where we are able to provide for ourselves with ease and joy.

Our passions, our desires for being in human form and expressing are the key reasons we are here. This experience is supposed to be one of comfort as we explore and live exactly the way we wish on a day-to-day basis. It is no more and no less. We have the inherent ability to create whatever it is we want. 

Self Care

If you have ever flown in an aircraft, you know the first thing they tell you to do in an emergency is to put the oxygen mask on your self FIRST before you tend to anyone else. If you are not in a capacity to help, if you are debilitated in any way then you are unable to assist anyone else in his or her time of stress. 

When care workers assist famine areas they are advised to eat even tho those around them are starving. If these benevolent and beautiful humans who have gone to serve are not functioning and functioning well, they are in no position to help those that they intend to serve. If they do not provide for themselves, they become like those they are helping and will then need someone to come and help them.

To get anywhere in life, to be of the greatest service we must look to our Self first and ask, “What do I need to feel better? What do I need to let go of? What would I do if I felt better?” If you are inclined, get a pen and paper, become quiet, sit with those questions, and then write out what comes.  

Do not take into consideration any person around you, not even a child and this may sound terrible, but it is in your child’s highest and best interest for you to feel better. Improving your life is a benevolent action that will improve the quality of the child’s life and the family in general.

Go to the place of 'What if...?' 

What If I could do anything I wanted to do?
What If I could find the help that suits me best at this moment?
Would I take it?
Would I let anything get in the way of that? 

Love YourSelf
Trust The Process

Imagine what the ideal life would be for you and your family and then intend it. Intend that the tools and helpers to get you there will show up. Love yourSelf as this new life takes shape and trust the process that you are creating and drawing to you. It is important to go with the flow of what comes.

Sometimes what we envision is not exactly what we get. We get something better!  Imagining, though, is a great place to start.  Intending to have a life different than you have today will get the ball rolling. We must desire something new before it begins to manifest.

Do not censor yourself or think of your job, next year’s vacation, the mortgage etc. as you explore the potential outcomes of a renewed and revitalized life!

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love

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