Dowsing For Information

We Use Your Questions To Get Your Answers

As of April 5, 2019, I am going on hiatus and not booking any appointments. 
I am unsure of the length of the hiatus, however, if you care to be included 
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Dowsing For Information
$30/15 minutes

Are you trying to make an important decision, but just can't get to a decision point?

Do you have so many options that you are unable to pinpoint just one?

Is the confusion swallowing you whole and driving you to crazy town?

Relief Is Here!

One of my tools for identification in the healing modalities is Digital Dowsing using my fingers. So not only is this tool used in our healing sessions to find what is ailing you, it can also be used to help you get unstuck in other ways. In this case, we take your prepared questions and use digital dowsing to get your answers.

Questions May Be Asked And Answered In 4 Different Formats: 

% A particular action is in your highest and best interest
% Detriment it is for you to do a particular action
% Level of benefit that may result from the action
A simple yes or no reply. 

Examples of basic, daily-human living questions

- I like 3 types of cars. What kind of car should I buy?

- When should I sell my house?

- I am thinking about moving to another city.  Is that my best move and if it is, then when?

- I am considering a particular class.  What percent is it in my highest and best interest to do that class or a different class?

- What percent is it in my highest and best interest to travel during a certain time to a certain place?

- I am thinking about making a business move, take on a partner, leave my job etc.  What is in my highest and best interest?

- I feel I need to take a supplement.  Do I really need that supplement and, if so, what brand is best for me?

The ‘question’ possibilities are literally endless.  And the questions are not limited to basic, daily living.  They can extend to other choices and decisions in your personal or spiritual life. 

Optimum Preparation

- Prepare your questions in advance of our appointment. Use the formats listed above to the best of you ability but do not sweat it. You will get plenty of help when we meet for our session.  

-  It is advisable to have too many questions than not enough. Many people have commented that they didn't think it would go so quickly and wished they had prepared more questions. 15 minutes goes a long way in this service.

- The questions do not have to be focused on just one topic.

- During the first session, I will help you in the framing of your questions so as to get the best and most accurate results. After the first session you will be more familiar with the process and have a better idea of how to frame and create variations with your questions. Your subsequent sessions will then flow with more ease.

What To Do

1.  First go to the PayPal Donation Button (paypal
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2.  Then include the following information in an email: 

Your location - country and city/town 

Time zone 

Communication choice 
(phone or Skype)
For all of you who live outside of the US
we can enjoy a virtual chat thru Skype 
or you can call my cell phone. 

Dates and time you prefer to meet.
Please include at least 2 options.

Write 'Energy' in the Subject line.
Dowsing will bridge a gap between being immobile and becoming dynamically active

You can shift out of neutral and get in a forward moving gear!