About Me And Healing

My Story 
The Condensed Version

I have had a very complex, painful and joyful life like everyone else on the planet. The experiences of repressed childhood memories, anxiety, panic, depression, suicidal tendencies, dissociative amnesia and many other unpleasantries plagued me at one time or another for the first half of my life.  There was profound, unresolved and unrelenting pain within me. To mitigate it I self medicated with drugs and alcohol for years and was a wild thing.

I didn't know how to live a functioning, productive life. The only thing I could focus on was the all-consuming pain and how to minimize it.  After years of living this way and several breakdowns, help did come.

There was Phase 1 that involved the medical community and Phase 2 that includes the tools I use today. The day the Phase 2 super-power tools showed up was miraculous and game changing.

My Work, My Healing Chose Me

There is a very important factor with Phase 2. I did not go looking for it as I did in Phase 1. It chose and found me in a most dramatic way. I have heard many times that when it is time for something to appear in our life, it will come. It will fall out of the sky, so to speak, and we will not be able to stop it.

Phase 2 involved all kinds of new understandings about the unseen world that is in, thru and around us and its influences. There was also an exciting introduction into the fragmentation of our souls and all that encompasses plus the storehouse of the subconscious. The list goes on and on. So much to take in; so many new ways to heal.

I had no idea these kinds of influences existed and how they affected me and others. Along with this new awareness were the most vital instructions of all - how to remedy those related situations. This knowledge and these techniques worked so well for me that I pursued extensive training and spared no expense. It was worth every moment and every penny.

What The Name Of This Site Means
A Double Entendre 

1  Lia Love's Healing: my personal journey. My life's work in this arena is my specialized healing journey. Everything on my sites and what I do with you has come thru my own healing process and is dedicated to that process.

2  Lia Love's Healing: my healing techniques and experiences from my personal healing journey are my offering to you - my specialized version of healing.

Healing In General Terms

 It is vital to understand that healing is not a one-time event. Healing is an 
ongoing process because of the nature of our duality existence. 

When I first began using these techniques, and using them often, I made vast and dramatic changes quickly. I needed to. I finally got to a point in the healing process where I became stronger, more whole and began managing life well. From that established foundation of strength I continue to heal and grow yet at a different pace. Now I find that my healing process is one of subtle shifting yet the subtleties are still producing radical results.

The increase in 'feeling good' never ends. Sometimes I get to a point of feeling so good it seems impossible to feel any better, yet I do! I am not describing a feel-good place of ecstasy or bouncing-off-the-walls exuberance. It is a feeling place that consists of profound inner peace, deep contentment and wholeness. Those core characteristics deepen as we heal and help us choose life from a balanced instead of a scattered perspective.

Please understand that challenges do still surface no matter how far we have progressed on the healing road, but we are better equipped to handle them when we get to a more solid position. And we move thru them with more grace and ease even though situations can be tricky.

Every tool I use with you I have used with myself and achieved great benefit.  Whether you have had a life similar to mine or one more challenging or less challenging, the tools I use can serve you. I would enjoy meeting with you to talk about what may be stopping you from feeling good, whole and happy.

If you care to read a more extended version of My Story,
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