8 Fundamentals Of Conscious And Subconscious Mind

As life unfolds and we begin to realize how thoughts and images create our
physical experience, it is helpful to understand how the Conscious and
Subconscious mind contribute to our quality of life.

1  Every Thought Creates A Physical Reaction
If We Emotionally Attach To It

For example, when we have negative thoughts (stress) about past relationships, present relationships, the upcoming doctor's or in-law visit or going back to work on Monday our bodies react in negative ways. Our immune systems are compromised, blood pressure may rise, acid levels in the body also increase causing dis-ease.

 What We Expect We Tend To Create

Or what we imagine, we create. When we hold an image or thought in our mind, the brain and nervous system respond and the subconscious mind uses all tools necessary to produce that image in reality. If cancer has always run in the family and a family member believes that cancer will strike, then it will. The fact that certain diets and lifestyle choices that caused the cancer has always run in the family isn't considered.

3  Imagination Is More Potent Than Rational Thinking And Knowledge

This basic tenet explains why hypnosis is so powerful. When we can place an image in our conscious mind and hold it there, the subconscious picks it up and begins to do everything possible to manifest that image. So no matter how logical reason and knowledge may appear, imagination will prevail over the long haul. To free the conscious mind, we use imagination to implant positive ideas in the subconscious. The new, positive ideas are then generated to the conscious mind.

4  When A Negative Idea Has Been Placed In The Subconscious, 
It Remains Until Extracted And Replaced By A Positive Idea

The longer the negative idea remains, the more resistance there will be to its removal and replacement.  Long ago mankind believed Earth was the center of the universe and all else rotated around it. This proved to be inaccurate, yet the masses required much proof and time for this firmly fixed belief to be supplanted by another. It is the same when working with the subconscious. With repetition and perseverance the subconscious eventually lets go of the negative idea.

5  Every New Image Or Suggestion Introduced Results In Less Resistance 
To The Next Image Introduced And The Next And...

As with the Earth-as-center-of-the-universe theory, it required repeated validation to change the prevailing mindset. With each successive, new suggestion resistance became less and less and the new idea finally became fact. Repetition is key for positive change in the subconscious.

6  Contrasting Ideas Cannot Be Held Simultaneously

For example, pain and joy are unable to peacefully coexist in the mind. This duality produces a constant state of confusing thought processes and eventually affects the nervous system. Dysfunction in some regard is the outcome.

 Negative Emotions Cause Negative Biological Change If Allowed To Persist

Many dis-ease causing agents exist: parasites, viruses, germs, poor eating habits etc. Another formidable agent is the mind. The entire body is affected by the nervous system's reactions to negative imaging stored in the subconscious. If there is fear of illness or dis-ease and it is also talked about, these actions will continually reinstall this programming in the subconscious. The subconscious then proceeds to produce it in the body. The mind-body connection is inseparable.

8  Subconscious Mind And Its Functions Respond Primarily To Repetition And Allowing

The subconscious is a biological hard drive, has no judgment capabilities and accepts all information as literal. This hard drive does not respond to 'quick fixes' or anything forced. The new 'software' (images and ideas) that are installed must be given time to work. If we allow our subconscious to take control, it will respond to the new programming without any 'efforting' of the conscious mind and create change. A positive mental attitude that change has already occurred in the Now moment also helps.

Knowing and applying these fundamentals can change the course of your life.

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