Soul Fragmentation/DA/DID


Total Soul Mind (TSM)

The soul mind is the storehouse of a Being’s total experiences through all lifetimes.  All information is recorded here.  It is much like the subconscious mind in the current lifetime except that TSM is the hard drive for all incarnations.  It is a permanent record of our soul’s intellect or consciousness and never dies.  This is why events and personal relationships from a past life, this life and in-between lives can be accessed in the healing process.

   Soul Mind Fragment (SMF)

General soul mind fragmentation is when part of our soul mind separates from Total Soul Mind.  When we experience trauma or shock, sometimes a part of our soul may leave, hide and/or vibrationally segregate with the information from the episode.  The episode could be so painful that the only way to survive and move forward is to separate from it. 

This is a possible explanation of Dissociative Amnesia (DA) and Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID) - the complete forgetting and blocking of a traumatic event.  DA and DID are not necessarily outcomes of trauma and fragmentation.  So please don't be concerned about these labels if you do not have these symptoms or be in fear that this will develop.  

Many traumas happen in full conscious awareness and the result is general fragmentation.  We do not have to lose the memory of or block a trauma to fragment.  Fragmentation on any level and created in any way is deeply painful and detrimental to our everyday life. Any kind of pain needs attention and remedy and nothing is considered less than or greater than.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
(aka Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD)
Dissociative Amnesia (DA) 

When traumas have been substantially severe, repetitive and accompanied with extreme feelings of vulnerability and zero safety, the fragmentation can be so specific that actual, separate identities are formed.  

These identities usually take over, are very strong and handle situations that the main personality could not cope with. When these stronger personalities are in action, the main personality is totally unaware of what is happening in the 'surface' world as it escapes to a place of darkness and safety with no conscious awareness, almost like going to sleep.

DA is different from DID in that fragmentation that results from DA serves in the moment and is not fully developed into a distinct, active personality that will completely takes over and grow into adulthood with the main personality.  

DA definitely does produce personalities for the moment but the personalities/fragmentation sublimates and becomes part of general fragmented, wounded soul.  The main personality stays in charge.  In DID the splintered personalities are very distinct and can override the main personality and thus be in charge at various times.

Genesis Of Fragmentation/Splintering

Many different scenarios may provoke these responses: surgery; death of a loved one; natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes etc.); physical, sexual or terrorist assault; emotional abuse; participation in war; accidents (car, trains, planes etc.); divorce; extreme fear; loving too much, sustained trauma/abuse.  Although this list covers the most likely events to precipitate fragmentation, it by no means includes every possible variation. 
Suppose there has been a violent or unloving act. There is a Perpetrator and a Victim, the giver and the receiver.  For instance, if a child (victim) receives inappropriate sexual advances from a molester (perpetrator), the child may fragment (disassociate) because it is too much to accept on many different levels.  If the child is very young, much time may be needed before the information of the assault can be allowed in conscious awareness and processed, so the fragment will stay in hiding for quite a while.
Perpetrators have also been known to fragment and attach to their victims in the course of an assault.  Their negative and unloving energy is propelled outward in the form of a fragment(s) and goes straight to the victim. So at a later time, the child will not only have its own wounded fragment to retrieve and heal, but will also require the removal of the perpetrator's discordant energy.  

Fragmentation can also happen when there is an overprotective quality of love.  Loving too much can be less than a good thing.  At this point it is not love, but something else.  It starts out as love and turns into a controlling, nervous, worrying energy that also leaves its created environment and goes to the object of affection. Mother or Father’s love may be so powerful and consuming that part of their soul energy breaks off and joins Child.  Although well intentioned, this action still interferes with and blocks the original energy pattern of Child and their movement in life.  

One Client strongly felt the presence of his deceased Father and believed Father had not crossed to his next appropriate location upon leaving the body, thus indicating an EB (earthbound) attachment. Upon investigation we discovered that Father had gone to the Light. The Father presence he was feeling turned out to be substantial fragmentation.  

During his lifetime, Father had an extremely close bond with Client and 10-15% of his soul had fragmented and stayed with his child.  That is significant.  And even though the Client was a full-grown, highly successful adult, Father's fragments were still with him.  In this case, the Father fragments quickly understood it was not in the best interest of his son for him to stay. Father was escorted out of his son's Quantum Field and returned to his original Being.

A Crucial Step In This Process


Many well-meaning facilitators can miss a crucial step in the Soul Retrieval and Soul Removal process.  In the case of child abuse, for instance, when there are very young fragments in fear or hiding, it is imperative that the soul fragments of the perpetrator be removed FIRST!  

The reason the child fragments are in fear/hiding is mainly because the perpetrator energy is still within their Quantum Field.  The perpetrator's soul fragments remain a terrible threat to the young ones and they fear that they will be abused again if they make themselves known.  
I have witnessed this first hand.  I was in a workshop where a brave Man sat in front of the class and conveyed his childhood abuse history.  The facilitator and participants of the workshop retrieved and integrated a young wounded fragment of the Man. 

I was amazed that this was happening without prior evacuation of the perpetrator energy.  I figured that maybe there was something here for me to learn, so I just witnessed the process without contributing any energy.  All seemed well for a moment.

Then it hit the fan. 

This Man and his wife knew of my services and called several days later in a panic.  The Man was freaking out.  We went almost immediately into session and discovered that the 'little boy' that was retrieved was in great fear because the one that had abused him was still there.  The other little ones that were in hiding also began expressing fear, and this combination threw the man off balance, to say the very least.  

We uncovered the perpetrator fragments, processed them and their dark force counterparts and evacuated them from the Quantum Field.  Then we lovingly processed the little ones.  The session was a success and the Man went back into balance.

Self-Descriptive Statements Signifying General Fragmentation 
                                                                                                    “I feel scattered”

“I don’t feel like I am all together”

“I don’t feel whole”

“Something is missing from me”

“I feel full of holes.”

“I still hear mother’s voice in my head telling me what to do”

"I still feel the presence of that guy who assaulted me"

"I still have so much emotional pain no matter what I do."

Symptoms of DA and DID Fragmentation

Losing time - not remembering events, days, months

PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies
(also symptoms of General Fragmentation)

Feeling a general dissociation with who you are and maybe even from the body.
Feeling detached in all regards.

Unable to discern a true identity of yourself.  Don't feel in charge and as if there
are others with you.

Life around you seems dreamlike and sometime blurry.  Not able to hold onto anything,
not able to ground at all.  Grounding is a foreign concept at this point.

The Great Benefit Of Fragmentation

Soul loss is beneficial at the time of the incident because it helps to buffer our pain or completely forget about it for the moment, therefore assisting with keeping our sanity intact until we can deal with it at a later date. 

This mechanism is perfect for the short term, so that we may move on.  However we must, when stronger, heal and recover our SMF.  To be Who We Really Are (Creator Also) and manifest our highest potential, a whole Total Soul Mind is mandatory.

Healing Fragmentation/Splintering

The techniques of healing and integrating our wounded fragments are the same whether it is General, DA or DID fragmentation/splintering. The process involves tracking into each fragment/personality, delivering healing energies, bringing them to neutral and then integrating them. 

When we can rid these fragments/personalities of their fear, of their need to protect, of the pain they hold, we are simultaneously ridding the main personality of those same burdens.

The main personality feels more whole, is better equipped to handle life and prosper.  When the soul is fragmented and splintered, life just cannot move forward with any depth or staying power.

We use a process called Soul Response to work with fragmentation.

For me personally, the MOST IMPORTANT WORK we can do for ourselves is 
 Soul Recovery whether we are experiencing General Fragmentation or DA/DID.

All symptoms unlike love or neutrality belong to the wounded soul, whether it is our soul or another’s soul invading us, and not to the body. The wounded soul cries out thru body aches, emotional pain, sabotaging thoughts and thus sabotaging actions. Piecing the soul mind back together and healing it is the ultimate goal. When we heal and integrate the soul absolutely, then we enter into pure alignment with our Authentic Self and enjoy full Creatorship. 

In love with you,
Aniel Lia Love


Gentle Reminder:
I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe. I merely
help move and release stored, painful energy, and emotions.  This may contribute 
to increased well being.

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