Addiction Causes And Assistance

 Five Energetic Sources 
Of An Addiction Experience

“The reason I do drugs is so I don’t feel the 
fucking feelings I feel when I don’t do drugs,” 
Nick, a forty-year-old heroin and crystal meth addict from 
Dr. Gabor Mate’s book In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts

Addiction Components That I Can Help With 

My work is to remove negative energy packets/generators from the unseen quantum field around us that can cause all manner of dysfunction. These generators are from the subconscious mind and spiritual realms and play a part in producing debilitating emotions/feelings, forcing addictive behaviors and other self-defeating misery. There can be many. 

The Main Culprits

Pain, shame, guilt, fear are the key motivators of un-wellness.  
Finding and neutralizing the source of these 
generators is what this work is all about.

5 Main Sources Of The Main Culprits

There are other energetic/subconscious influences but, because these are substantial contributors,
we focus in these areas first. Other influences surface as we work together.
1  Fragmentation of the Addicted Person (AP) 
2  Fragmentation from others

During the course of a traumatic event we can split into numerous pieces energetically and fragment.  On a whole, sustained childhood events result in highly debilitating and severe fragmentation. Those unhealed fragments carry the pain of the event(s) and may be in so much emotional pain that medicating them seems the only option to keeping the pain at bay. (Visit Soul Fragmentation/DA/DID for more info)

And most always there are energetic parts/fragments of other, alive humans that will have an influence on how we feel. These parts are actually within us as well and are part of our subconscious, and can be those who perpetrated the trauma and sometimes others who are not directly associated with the trauma, but have a detrimental influence.
3  Lost souls

Lost Souls, also known as discarnates, (people who have died and their souls have become lost) who died with addiction issues intact are attracted to and can find their way into an AP's quantum field and physical body. These lost souls will covertly encourage and/or force their host, the AP, to do whatever it takes to medicate in order to satisfy the lost soul's addiction cravings.

During wartime, soldiers who experience combat routinely fragment and can develop PTSD that may also be helped by this work. Combat buddies who have died in battle may attach to their living combat friends because they are in shock, don't know they have died and feel lost at the time of their death. They attach to a buddy for security. These discarnates' energies and presence will greatly affect the living friend and may help fuel an addiction because the living friend will feel the discarnates' own shock and fear. None of their behaviors are meant to hurt you. These unhappy souls are in pain and lost.

4  Negative spirit influences 
5  Relationship spirits with the addiction substance/behavior. 

Negative spirits/entities are greatly attracted to an addiction experience. They generally find a way into an AP's quantum field while the AP is using. On a whole though, the AP's quantum field is already compromised and is easily accessible. Relationship entities with and addiction entities to the addiction substance/action can form and also force the addiction behavior. Another are attractor fields for a substance. There are myriad energetic structures that can be checked for and cleared in an addiction experience.

Any addiction whether it be food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex etc. may be helped with the healing modalities I use. And, although these modalities can greatly assist in the severance and removal of contributing influences, they are not a blanket cure either. Much depends on Addicted Person's (AP) lifestyle choices. To improve quality of life, changes are always necessary.

Feeling Good Is Not A Natural State For The AP

After the first work session or a series of work sessions with AP, they may begin to feel good, may feel joy. Feeling good or even joyful can be an alien feeling. AP has been accustomed to being miserable, in a state of hopeless depression, or is in the throes of some other chaotic state. These patterns are hard-wired into the subconscious of the individual. This is the norm, this is life as they know it so something other than that may unbalance them. 
Oftentimes since feeling good is not a natural state there can be a propensity to revert back, as quickly as possible, to that habitual feeling state of misery and self medicating. They may reach for the addictive substance or addictive behavior quickly to get back to a point of homeostasis, of familiarity and comfort.

This is an odd thing to those who are not in an addiction experience. It would seem that a life of joy and happiness is the natural state, but for one with addiction issues the exact opposite is true. For those of us not having the experience of addiction it is always best to stay out of judgement about their behaviors and needs.

Being in the experience of addiction has foundational points of reference that the AP hangs onto until other safe foundations are put into place.

The immediate time frame right after a clearing or series of clearings is a critical period for an active, practicing APAn optimal scenario would be a restricted environment with professionals at the ready to lovingly nurture AP. The AP will need someone there to consistently reinforce the idea that this joyful way of Being is indeed accessible to them and that this is their true reality, true nature.  This is the new safe foundation that needs to be built.

There is a conversion from one polarity extreme to the other (from pain to joy) and the gap between these extremes is considerable. While the gap is being closed, extensive attention and a steady hand are needed. Tools for adjusting into a new reality are vitally important and perhaps a preparation of sorts would be beneficial before attempting clearing work.

For a non-practicing AP, these measures are not necessary since the addiction is under control and AP is living without addictive substances or behaviors.

A Recommendation

I am not a licensed psychotherapist or medical professional. If my services are engaged, it is critical that therapeutic guidance or some type of mentoring be available if the AP is active and practicing the addiction. This is not necessary for a non-practicing AP. I do not offer therapeutic guidance, medical advice or mentoring. I offer spiritual and energetic healing and guidance.

If someone does not have the financial resources to be in a private clinic or setting, then joining an Addiction Anonymous group is a very, very helpful alternative. These groups provide a generous service to society. 

In my trainings in this work, there were several psychotherapists taking the same training. Their experience has been that their Clients are easier to work with after having worked with an energy specialist first. A greater success rate may be achieved with this additional help.

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